What Fish Eat Guppies? (What Don’t And What Eat Guppy Fry?)

What Fish Eat Guppies? (What Don’t And What Eat Guppy Fry?)

Image of guppies swimming freely

Any large, aggressive carnivorous fish will eat guppies. Angelfish, cichlids, oscars, crayfish, red-tiger sharks, barbs, etc., are some of the fish species that eat adult guppies. Similarly, guppy fry are vulnerable to attacks from bettas, gouramis, platies, dwarf pufferfish, and swordtails.

Let’s now delve deeper to understand the various fish species that can eat adult guppies and guppy fry and those that don’t bother guppies.

List of Fish that Eat Guppies

Guppies are docile fish that get along with most of the other fish species.

They usually do not attack other fish. However, due to their small size, they are vulnerable to attacks from bigger fish.

Cannibalism is the biggest challenge every aquarist faces for a community tank.

Cannibalism is common among carnivorous fish whose diet includes majorly animal matter.

They look upon their tankmates as food that they can consume. So, there are numerous predatory fish that prey on guppies.

Given below are some of the common aquarium fish that eat guppies.

1. Angelfish

Angelfish and guppies are often housed together in an aquarium.

However, it’s best to keep them together only until the angelfish are small. A small-sized angelfish will usually not attack guppies.

However, once the angelfish outgrows the adult guppies, they can be a potential threat.

The fully grown angelfish may look upon tiny guppies as a food source. They will then not hesitate to make a meal of the guppies.

2. Cichlids

Cichlids are aggressive and quick fish. Due to their aggression, cichlids may attack the peaceful guppies.

Besides, if guppies enter their territory, cichlids will not shy away from tasting the guppies.

3. Crayfish

Crayfish are omnivorous fish. They prefer eating plant as well as animal matter.

Besides, they are opportunistic eaters. It means they devour any food that comes their way.

So, crayfish will eat guppies if they catch them. Guppies will be safe as long as they are not within the reach of crayfish.

4. Other Large Fish

Almost all aggressive predatory fish are a threat to guppies. Large fish will mistake guppies as food and will often eat them.

Some of the large and aggressive fish that can eat guppies include oscars, red-tiger sharks, barbs, and pea puffers.

Alright! So that was all about fish that can eat adult guppies. But what about guppy fry?

What Fish Eat Guppy Fry?

Guppy fry are easy prey to any predator fish since they are tiny.

Guppy fry can survive if you separate them from the adults or if they can hide.

In a community tank, many fish species devour guppy fry.

Moreover, guppy fry often get eaten by their parents.

Adult guppies do not hesitate to eat their fry as they do not show parental instincts.

Given below are some of the fish species that are a danger to guppy fry.

1. Angelfish

Angelfish are popular amongst aquarists for their attractive colors and beautiful fins.

That is why they are often kept in a community tank.

Although angelfish are friendly and do not display aggression most of the time, they can threaten guppy fry.

Angelfish love to eat guppy fry. Hence, if they notice any guppy fry around them, they will quickly gobble them up.

Even young angelfish that has not grown fully can easily attack and eat guppy fry.

2. Bettas

Bettas are carnivorous fish. They devour live food rich in proteins.

In the wild, bettas mostly eat insects and small creatures like bloodworms, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, and other small fish.

Bettas are known for their aggression and are territorial.

In a community tank, bettas may not bother adult guppies if they get enough space.

However, you cannot say the same about guppy fry. Bettas will eat the guppy fry if they get the opportunity.

3. Gouramis

Gouramis are another fish species that can eat guppy fry.

The guppy fry will be safe from gouramis until they are hidden and not within the reach of gouramis.

Fully grown gouramis are large. They can grow up to 12 inches.

So guppies are tiny in front of gouramis.

Also, being voracious eaters, gouramis can consume a lot of guppy fry if both of them reside in the same tank.

4. Swordtails

Swordtails are generally peaceful, like guppies. Hence, both of them are often kept together in a community tank.

Just like guppies, swordtails do not exhibit maternal instincts. They eat their young ones.

Hence, if they notice any guppy fry around them, they will not hesitate to gulp them down.

Guppy fry can be a good meal for swordtails.

5. Dwarf Pufferfish

Dwarf pufferfish are very aggressive and territorial.

It’s not recommended to keep them with small and peaceful fish like guppies in a community tank.

Besides, dwarf pufferfish can sometimes become greedy for food.

Their hunger is not satiated easily. Since dwarf pufferfish are active hunters, they are always on the lookout for food.

If you have guppy fry and dwarf pufferfish in the same tank, it will not be long before the guppy fry become a meal for dwarf pufferfish.

Hence, dwarf pufferfish are widely used to control the guppy population.

6. Platies

A large fish will always eat a small fish. The same applies to platies and guppy fry.

Since guppy fry are tiny, they are easy prey for platies.

If platies get hold of guppy fry, they will eat them.

Guppy fry can survive only if they manage to hide from the platies until they grow up.

What Fish Eat Guppy Tails?

Image of a male guppy with long tail

Male guppies have long tails compared to female guppies. This can become a concern for male guppies.

Species with long, flowing fins and tails may consider guppies their rival.

They will eventually end up fighting with guppies and nipping their tails.

Fin nipping fish such as tiger barbs, serpae tetras, and emperor tetras may nip guppy tails.

Fish generally nip fins or tails when there is space constraint in the aquarium.

In smaller tanks, fish become aggressive and resort to nipping tails for claiming their territory.

Another reason for nipping long-flowing tails is that fish often mistake tails for food. They think that they can eat tails.

Okay! Until now, we talked about all fish that can bother guppies. So, let’s now look at fish that are friendly to guppies.

What Fish Don’t Eat Guppies?

Guppies are non-aggressive fish that don’t trouble other fish in the aquarium.

Hence, they live comfortably with many peaceful fish species.

If you have a community tank, all peaceful fish are best suited with guppies.

Such fish will distance themselves from the guppies and will not cause any problems.

Given below are some of the fish that do not eat guppies:

  1. Mollies,
  2. Cardinal Tetras,
  3. Glassfish,
  4. Plecos,
  5. Rasboras,
  6. White Cloud Mountain Minnows,
  7. Cory Catfish, and
  8. Kuhli Loach.

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