How to Manually Add Oxygen to An Aquarium when Power’s Off?

How to Manually Add Oxygen to An Aquarium when Power’s Off?

Adding oxygen manually to aquarium

If the electricity goes out, your aquarium can stay okay without cleaning for a while. But, the fish and other creatures inside it won’t live long without oxygen.

Usually, an air pump powered by electricity adds this oxygen. If you don’t have a battery-operated air pump or a backup power source, you will need put in the oxygen into the water by hand. Doing this also helps keep the water moving.

So, it’s important to learn how to add oxygen to your aquarium by hand in case of a power outage.

2 Steps to Manually Add Oxygen to Your Fish Tank

To add oxygen to your fish tank manually, here’s a simple two-step method:

  1. Fill a clean cup or container with some of the tank’s water.
  2. Pour the water back into the tank from a height. Repeat this several times.

The height from which you pour the water and the number of times you do it will determine how much oxygen gets added.

If you notice your fish gasping for air at the surface, it means they need more oxygen, so repeat the process.

There’s no set rule for how often to do this because it depends on your specific aquarium.

A Couple of Tips to Keep in Mind

When you’re adding water to a fish tank, you don’t want to mess up the gravel or sand at the bottom. To prevent this, put a heavy plate or bowl in the tank and pour the water on it.

If you’re using a floating hot water container to manually generate heat in the aquarium, remember to occasionally pour some water over it.

This is because the heat from the container mostly stays near the surface, so pouring water helps to spread the warmth around.

Why Can’t We Use Battery-Powered Air Pumps Instead?

Battery-powered air pumps are useful during power outages, but they’re not very strong and only pump air a short distance into the tank.

It’s important to test them regularly to ensure they’ll work in an emergency.

The most dependable ones constantly use AC power and switch to their built-in rechargeable battery if the power goes out.

These are great if you’re not home during a power outage.

Test the Water Periodically

You need to check the tank water frequently because if your aquarium system is turned off for a while, there is no filtering happening.

This lack of filtering can lead to the buildup of a harmful substance called ammonia. So, by testing the water regularly, you can detect the presence of ammonia early.

If you notice any ammonia, you should use an ammonia-reducing product like Kordon’s AmQuel to deal with it and prevent any harm caused by ammonia poisoning.

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