How To Sell Guppies? (Where To Sell + Is A License Needed?)

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You can sell guppies online on eBay, AquaBid, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, etc. You can also sell rare or healthy guppy strains to local fish stores. A license is usually not needed if you are selling guppies to another aquarium owner. However, it’s required for selling guppies professionally.

There are numerous ways to sell guppies for a profit. The only thing is that you need to have a healthy guppy that is in demand. So, let’s now talk about the various ways of selling guppies.

How To Sell Guppies To A Pet Store?

Selling your guppies to a local pet store is the easiest and hassle-free way. Most pet stores may take your additional guppies.

However, they may not pay you sometimes because most of them will usually have contracts with large fish farms.

So, they might not prefer buying fish from you.

Instead of big brand pet stores, you can target local fish stores in your vicinity to sell your guppies.

If you are selling on a one-time basis, you need to ensure that your guppies are healthy to fetch a reasonable price in return.

If you intend to sell guppies regularly, you can always target a single fish store closest to your home.

It will ensure that you minimize a lot of your time and effort. Besides, you can also avoid competition.

Once you start selling guppies to a particular fish store, avoid selling them on classified ad websites or local fish club auctions.

If you try to sell guppies at different places at the same time, you will be indirectly competing with the fish store.

This may not go down well with the fish store.

Now, if you don’t get a reasonable deal from your local store, you can always sell your guppies online.

How To Sell Guppies Online?

Apart from selling guppies to local fish stores, friends, and relatives, you can sell your guppies from the comfort of your home.

The best way to sell guppies is online. You will find a lot of enthusiastic people online who will be keen to buy guppies.

To sell guppies online, you will need to click photos of your guppies and upload them on various online platforms.

You should mention the physical characteristics of your guppies along with the price.

Given below are some online platforms where you can sell guppies:

  • eBay is the best place to sell guppies online. It is a widely used platform by millions of people worldwide for selling products.
  • AquaBid is another good platform to sell guppies online. It is an online auction website that specializes in buying and selling aquarium fish and aquarium equipment. Here, you can put your guppies on auction.
  • Craigslist is a classified advertisement website through which you can sell guppies.
  • Facebook or Instagram are also good places to sell guppies online. You need to join groups or pages on FB or IG that relate to guppies. There are lots of saltwater and coral groups on both these platforms. People commonly sell their fish through these groups.

How To Sell Guppy Fry?

If you want to sell guppy fry, you need to separate them from the adult guppies once they are born.

You can sell the guppy fry online. eBay or other online market places are excellent places to sell them.

You can even put them for sale on aquarist community forums.

If you have a pair with a unique color pattern, you can sell the pair anywhere between $20 to $50.

Raising guppies is not that difficult as they are hardy species.

They are also low maintenance fish that don’t require much time and effort.

A balanced nutritious diet coupled with favorable water parameters will ensure healthy guppies with a strong immune system and beautiful colors.

Alright! Now that you know of the various ways to sell guppies, the next big question is the pricing.

So, let’s understand how much guppies are worth?

How Much Is A Guppy Worth?

The prices of guppies vary according to their patterns, colors, and exclusive traits.

The guppies that are harder to breed are generally expensive.

Rare strains of guppies have a higher price tag than regular guppies.

Let’s now take a look at the prices of various species of guppies.

Prices Of Fancy Guppies

Fancy guppies have vibrant colors and patterns that set them apart from regular guppies.

Besides their colors, fancy guppies have long flowy fins and beautiful tail patterns that differentiate them from other guppy species.

Depending on the exclusive traits and breeding, fancy guppies can cost anywhere between $20 to $100.

Fancy guppies, like the Moscow Blue or Multi Delta, start selling for $25 a pair. It can even cost as high as $50 to $60 a pair.

The price of some rare strains like the Purple Moscow guppies can be in the range of $40 to $100.

They are the most expensive as they need generations of selective breeding for creating striking physical characteristics.

The color of Purple Moscow guppies is entirely different than that of other common guppies.

Hence, they cost higher than other guppy species.

Fancy guppies are not as hardy compared to regular guppies due to their selective breeding.

They are highly sensitive to changes in water chemistry.

Hence, these guppies require frequent tank maintenance for their optimum growth.

Prices Of Competition Guppies

Competition guppies are also known as Show guppies. In terms of physical traits and lineage, these guppies are similar to fancy guppies.

Hence, the cost of these guppies is higher compared to common guppies.

According to the strain and physical characteristics, the cost of a competition guppy varies from $20 to as high as $100.

Prices Of Electric Blue Guppies

As the name suggests, these guppies are predominantly blue.

There are fewer strains of these types of guppies. Hence, their price range does not vary much.

The cost of an electric blue guppy starts from $15. These guppies do not cost more than $25.

Prices Of Mutt Guppies

Mutt guppies are the ones with unstable lineage. These guppies are considered imperfect as they do not breed 100% authentic.

The size, color, and general appearance of mutt guppies are random. These are average guppies and hence inexpensive.

Since we cannot precisely determine the particular strain from which mutt guppies come, it directly affects their cost.

You can get mutt guppies for as low as $10 a pair.

Mutt guppies are usually found in most pet stores. Also, they are hardy compared to fancy guppies.

Prices Of Dragon Guppies

Dragon guppies are easy to locate. Hence, they are not as expensive as fancy guppies.

The cost of a dragon guppy can be around $10. Since they are not costly, many aquarists prefer to breed these fish in captivity.

Prices Of Breeder Guppies

The price of a breeder guppy varies by the location of purchase and rarity.

You can get a breeding pair consisting of one male and one female guppy for about $30.

If you intend to purchase a breeding pair of guppies, it’s always good to get them from an experienced breeder.

They may cost you a little more than your local pet store.

However, you can be rest assured about the quality and health of your guppies.

Breeder guppies have more exciting colors and physical traits than mutt guppies.

Hence, these guppies are often preferred by aquarists.

Prices Of Panda Guppies

The strain of panda guppies is very common. Hence, they do not burn a hole in your pocket while buying them.

A panda guppy may cost you around $5 to $7.5. Due to its low price, it is popular amongst aquarists.

When Can You Sell Guppies?

Selling guppies can be profitable. Many people sell their guppies.

You can sell guppies once their fins and colors have developed.

And to sell guppy fry, they need to be large enough to be kept safely with adult guppies.

The time to sell guppies also depends on the party to whom you are selling.

Commercial fish farms raise guppies to sell in about three months. So they usually tend to buy young guppy fry.

However, if you sell guppies to private parties, they may want to buy guppies once they are two months old.

And if you are selling guppies to a fish store, they may want the color of the guppies to be fully developed.

Your guppies must be healthy so that they can be quickly sold off.

The growth rate of guppies highly depends on the nutrition and water quality.

You can include live food combined with staple flake foods to encourage optimum growth of guppies.

If you don’t have live food, frozen baby brine shrimp can be the ideal substitute.

Fish are cold-blooded animals. Raising the water temperature increases their metabolism.

However, you need to be careful while raising the water temperature.

If the water temperature goes above 86°F, it will adversely hamper the growth of guppies.

While raising the water temperature, there should be provision for aeration as higher temperature leads to a reduction in the oxygen levels of the water.

Do You Need A License To Sell Guppies?

Fish selling is a major industry in Florida.

So, if you sell guppies to corporate organizations in Florida, like PetSmart or Petco, you will need a business license.

Stores in Florida are not allowed to purchase fish from non-licensed breeders.

Petco and other more prominent organizations seem to usually have contracts with suppliers.

Hence, you need to contact the suppliers initially to sell your fish.

Similarly, it seems PetSmart prefers to purchase all its fish from larger professional fisheries.

They don’t seem to buy few fish at once from amateur breeders.

Hence, you must have more than 100 guppies in your inventory if you target larger store chains.

On the contrary, you can sell guppies to many privately owned stores in Michigan without a license.

They usually purchase fish from hobbyist breeders. However, you may not get money for your guppies.

Instead, you may get store credits that you can use in the future.

Now, all fish breeders don’t usually aim to start a fish selling business.

If you have excess guppies that you are selling to your friends, family, or other hobbyist fish keepers, you don’t need a license.

However, a license is required if you start a business and try to sell guppies to larger businesses.

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