Do Turtles Climb Trees? (How, Why, And Which Ones?)

Do Turtles Climb Trees? (How, Why, And Which Ones?)

Image of a turtle climbing a tree

Certain turtle species, like musk turtles and red-eared slider turtles, can climb trees. They can climb several feet above ground level. However, not all species of turtles can climb trees. Some turtles don’t explore trees and remain on the ground or in the water.

Let’s talk about this in greater detail now.

How Do Turtles Climb Trees?

Turtles have heavy shells and flat webbed feet.

Their physical appearance makes it difficult for us to imagine them climbing up trees.

Well, not all turtles can climb trees. However, many varieties can manage this task.

Have you ever noticed how turtles bask under the sun? You will find them piled up on top of each other, forming stacks.

Each stack will have two or more turtles, which means that turtles can climb up surfaces.

But climbing over another turtle is not the same as climbing up a tree.

Now, many turtle owners notice their pets attempting to climb over fences.

You may also see them climbing out of their tanks. This behavior points to the climbing ability of a turtle.

Turtles cannot climb smooth or flat surfaces that offer no friction. However, their claws have excellent gripping ability.

Hence, they can pull themselves up on rugged surfaces. Their claws can also support their body weight.

So, under the right circumstances, most turtles will attempt to climb up surfaces that will handle their weight and offer enough grip.

Turtles in the wild often climb trees in their surroundings.

They usually choose trees with rugged barks that they can hold onto.

By digging their claws into the tree surface, they can climb up steadily.

However, smooth surfaces don’t offer this required friction. Hence, they may be unable to hold on to such surfaces.

Turtles take a while to climb to a good height. However, they don’t tire easily and can stay upright for a long time.

Nonetheless, these animals usually prefer leaning trees.

Why Do Turtles Like To Climb Trees?

Animals that live in trees are called arboreal animals. Turtles don’t fall under this category.

They are aquatic or semi-aquatic creatures that spend most of their time in and around the water.

Nonetheless, you will find some turtles climbing trees. There is no single reason for this behavior.

Climbing is a stimulating activity for turtles, and they enjoy exploring their environment.

Turtles may also climb trees to search for food.

If they cannot find food in their immediate surroundings, they will go searching for it.

In this process, they may end up climbing trees and other high surfaces.

Another possible reason could be to avoid danger.

When predators are on the prowl, and a turtle has no safe hiding place, it may prefer to find protection in trees.

Even pet turtles may attempt to climb out of their tanks when the circumstances are unfavorable.

Dirty water, the presence of predators, or imminent danger will force them to look for safe hiding spots.

They may also try to climb out of their enclosure if they don’t have a good basking area.

So, if your pet is constantly climbing up the wall and out of its enclosure, it most likely feels threatened or is uncomfortable in its space.

How High Can Turtles Climb?

People have observed turtles climbing to heights of 6 feet or higher.

This shows that turtles are good climbers as it’s not easy to achieve such heights without a good grip or balance.

Which Turtles Can Climb Trees?

Not all turtles can climb trees. Let’s look at a few varieties of turtles and whether they have tree-climbing abilities.

Do Box Turtles Climb Trees?

Certain varieties of box turtles can climb trees. One variety, called the Indochinese box turtle, is very adept at climbing trees.

This turtle has big front claws that help it climb.

This box turtle usually climbs trees to look for fruits. Other box turtles can also manage to climb certain heights.

Do Snapping Turtles Climb Trees?

Snapping turtles are mostly aquatic animals.

They usually don’t have the need to climb trees as everything they need is available in the water and surrounding areas.

Nonetheless, snapping turtles have strong claws that help them achieve a good grip.

They use their claws to climb fences and walls.

Do Musk Turtles Climb Trees?

Musk turtles are very good climbers. They climb tall trees easily. You can spot them resting high up on trees.

These animals tend to climb trees when they cannot find enough hiding places on the ground.

Even pet musk turtles will attempt to climb walls when they feel unsafe in their enclosure.

It is a common instinct to move to higher ground when they are uncomfortable or unsafe.

Do Red-eared Slider Turtles Climb Trees?

Red-eared slider turtles can climb trees. In their natural habitat, these turtles enjoy exploring the area around their ponds.

You can find them climbing up leaning tree trunks. They may stay perched at a good height for hours at a stretch.

Red-eared sliders may climb trees to bask comfortably. Additionally, it also allows them to hide from predators on the ground.

Pet red-eared sliders will often climb fences or walls.

They may even attempt to climb vertical walls as their claws can support their body weight.

Do Map Turtles Climb Trees?

Map turtles can climb trees. You can spot them on the slanting barks of trees.

After climbing to a comfortable height, these animals sit and enjoy the sun for a while before coming back down.

Do Tortoises Climb Trees?

Tortoises are surprisingly good climbers. They can quickly scour tall walls and fences and make a run for freedom.

They may also climb into your backyard if the fencing offers good support.

Since tree barks offer good friction for climbing, they should be able to climb up leaning tree trunks too.

Can Turtles Fall Off Trees?

The turtles that climb are usually good climbers.

They get a good grip before hauling their bodies up. Nonetheless, it is not unusual for these animals to fall off trees.

They may fall if they attempt vertical climbs and are suddenly frightened or don’t get a good grip on their next step.

If it’s a small fall, the turtle will usually get back up and attempt the climb again.

However, they may get seriously injured if they fall from a great height.

The extent of the injury will also depend on the surface they fall on.

Turtles will sustain severe injuries if they fall on a hard surface. Strong falls can cause fractures to the shell or limbs of a turtle.

If the turtle falls on its shell, it will usually be able to right itself.

Turtles can use their head and arms together to turn over. However, if the turtle is unable to turn over, it may prove fatal.

On the other hand, if the turtle sustains a sprain, it may be unable to move due to the pain.

Similarly, if the turtle cracks its shell during a fall, it will be a serious injury.

While small cracks will heal over time, serious shell injuries can lead to death.

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