Can You Use A Glue Gun In An Aquarium? (Is It Safe?)

Can You Use A Glue Gun In An Aquarium? (Is It Safe?)

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You can use a glue gun in an aquarium. The glue gun contains a hot melt adhesive that instantly bonds two surfaces together. It helps improve precision while applying the glue and doesn’t leave any residue behind. In addition, the glue gun is non-toxic and doesn’t alter the water parameters.

Having said that, let’s now understand whether a glue gun is safe for an aquarium.

Is Glue Gun Safe For Aquariums?

A glue gun contains a stick of hot melt adhesive, which is also known as hot glue.

The gun heats the glue stick until it turns into liquid form so that it instantly sticks on the applied surface.

A hot glue gun is safe for use inside an aquarium. However, you should place the glued objects into the aquarium after the glue has cooled down. Otherwise, they release fumes that harm the aquarium inhabitants.

Hot glue is versatile and capable of bonding different objects like ceramic, glass, metals, rocks, stones, and wood.

It’s beneficial for sticking decorations or fixing cracks and leakages in your aquarium.

However, you must note that hot glue is not primarily designed for aquarium use.

Most hobbyists look at hot glue as a quick fix and not a permanent solution for many aquarium problems.

But you can use it to fix leakages or on areas that are submerged underwater.

Now that you know a glue gun is safe for aquariums and helps aquarists bind things easily, let’s understand if a glue gun is toxic for fish.

Is Glue Gun Toxic To Fish?

The hot melt adhesive inside the glue gun doesn’t alter the water parameters inside the aquarium. Therefore, it’s not toxic or hazardous to fish and other tank inhabitants. However, you should place the glued objects into the aquarium after the glue has cooled down.

If hot glue is exposed to water, it releases fumes that are dangerous for the fish and other tank occupants.

Although many aquarists prefer to use super glue or silicone sealants inside an aquarium, hot glue is a viable alternative for sticking objects on underwater substrates.

It lacks the flexibility of silicone sealants but has no ill effects on the fish and other aquarium occupants.

So, let’s now understand the pros and cons of using glue guns in an aquarium.

Pros And Cons Of Using Glue Gun In Aquariums?

Many hobbyists around the world use a glue gun because it’s relatively easy to use and provides instant adhesion.

Below are the various benefits of using glue guns in an aquarium:

  1. Easy Application: You can easily apply glue using a glue gun. Take the glue gun near the object and press it onto the desired area. It will instantly bind both the surfaces together.
  2. Quick Fixing: A glue can be used as a quick fix to fill the cracks on an aquarium glass or fix a broken aquarium object.
  3. Instant Drying: Once the hot glue is applied to a surface, it dries instantly, unlike silicone sealants that may take a few minutes to bond the surfaces together.
  4. Versatility: With the help of a glue gun, you can bond almost anything together, including ceramics, metal, rocks, stones, and wood.
  5. Minimal waste: Compared to other adhesives, a glue gun is easy to use. The nozzle allows you to efficiently apply glue on the desired surfaces, reducing the effort and amount of waste.
  6. Cost-effective: Compared to other methods of gluing, a glue gun is cost-efficient. It requires less glue than other methods. Also, it saves money by not having to buy new items often.
  7. Long shelf life: A glue gun can be used for up to one year, unlike other adhesives. It’s best to store it in clean and dry conditions so that it lasts longer than other adhesives.

However, besides the numerous benefits, glue guns are not the best solution in every situation.

Below are some situations when glue guns are unsuitable:

  1. A glue gun is unsuitable on delicate surfaces or plastic as the hot glue melts the object.
  2. You can’t use hot glue on live plants as the heat can be fatal to them.
  3. Glue guns can cause injury to people who accidentally touch them while working. A hot glue gun has better viscosity than other adhesives, but you must be careful while using it in your aquarium.

Let’s now understand whether you can use a glue gun on aquarium glass.

Can A Glue Gun Be Used On Aquarium Glass?

You can use a glue gun on aquarium glass. It quickly fixes the cracks and leaks of aquarium glass. However, ensure that you maintain safety as the glue is hot when applied to the aquarium glass.

Before using a hot glue gun on aquarium glass, you must ensure that the glass is clean and free of debris and dust particles.

You can also use sandpaper to roughen the glass surface for better adhesion.

Moreover, while using decals on your tank, you can use the glue gun’s heat to transfer the decal’s pattern or image onto the glass instead of sticking it directly on the glass.

It will look more attractive and give a clean look.

How Does Hot Glue Work On Different Types Of Decorations?

Hot glue instantly creates a bond between two surfaces.

It also doesn’t leave any residue or mess behind, making it one of the options for use in aquariums.

Here’s how hot glue works on different types of decorations:

  • Live plants: Hot glue is not safe for live aquarium plants, as the heat from the glue is fatal to the plants. However, you can use it to glue artificial plants inside the aquarium.
  • Substrate: Hot glue is not the right option if you intend to use gravel or sand. It will stick on the gravel and clog your tank, making it hazardous for the tank inmates.
  • Rocks and Stones: Hot glue can be used on rocks and stones. The heat will not impact their natural beauty, but they should be cleaned before sticking them with the adhesive.
  • Acrylics: You can apply hot glue on acrylics. Ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the glued areas to avoid damaging the material.
  • Ceramics: Hot glue is safe to use on ceramic surfaces. You must ensure no moisture is present at the time of application to create a strong bond.
  • Wood: Hot glue is safe to glue wood inside the aquarium. Make sure that the wood is clean of any dirt and debris. If required, boil and dry the wood before gluing it on any substrate.

A hot glue gun is an option that you can use to fix damages or glue decorations inside an aquarium.

However, super glue and silicone sealants adhesives hold longer after inserting the glued object inside the water.

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