Can You Have Too Many Decorations In A Fish Tank? (Ideal Number)

Can You Have Too Many Decorations In A Fish Tank? (Ideal Number)

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You can’t have too many decorations in a fish tank as they will reduce the swimming space for the fish. They will also make the fish uncomfortable and aggressive due to the cramped space. The fish can even get injured while swimming. So keep only a few decorations scattered throughout the fish tank.

The sky is the limit while decorating a fish tank. However, certain factors need to be considered to create a comfortable space for your fish and an attractive tank.

How Many Decorations Should Be Kept In A Fish Tank? 

Various decorations are available for freshwater and saltwater tanks like plants, rocks, driftwood, artificial coral, gravel, sand, shells, pebbles, wood chips, etc.

Given below are the factors to consider while deciding how many decorations should be kept in an aquarium.

1. Aquarium size.

The size of the aquarium plays a vital role in determining the number of decorations.

If you have a small aquarium, you can’t put in too many decorations.

The tank shouldn’t be crowded with so many decorations that there’s not enough space left for the fish to swim freely.

For example, if you want to put more than one plant in a small aquarium, it will not work well because there won’t be enough room for them.

On the contrary, if you have a large tank, you can accordingly space out the decorations in the available area.

However, if you have a large tank with more fish, you need to decorate the tank accordingly.

For example, if you’re planning to add multiple plants in a large aquarium, make sure they don’t touch each other so as not to block out the light from reaching the rest of the tank.

In short, the decorations shouldn’t be a hindrance to your fish.

Management of space is vital so that the fish tank looks uncluttered and attractive.

2. Size of the fish.

Fish vary greatly in terms of their sizes. Smaller ones like guppies take less space in the tank.

However, larger species like angelfish need more space in the tank.

So you should be creative in deciding how many decorations you will have and where you will place them in the tank.

Just remember to leave some open spaces around the edges of the tank so that the fish can swim freely.

3. Number of fish in the tank.

The number of fish in the tank determines the decoration space. For example, a single fish needs less space compared to 10 fish.

The more inhabitants in the tank, the more space they will need to roam around.

So the space for the decoration will depend on the number of fish in the tank.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to fit in as many decorations as possible.

It just means that you must ensure that the decorations aren’t blocking the swimming areas of the fish.

4. Installation of filter, air pump, aerator, etc.

Another crucial factor in deciding the number of decorations in a fish tank is the equipment that you have installed inside the tank.

If you have numerous pieces of equipment, such as internal filters, air pumps, aerators, etc., inside the tank, you need to decorate the tank accordingly to accommodate these items.

The decoration shouldn’t be a hindrance to the functioning of any equipment.

5. Fish species.

The species of the fish also determine the decorative setup of a tank.

For example, if you have bottom-dwellers in the tank, you can’t have many decorations as they interfere with the movement of the fish.

On the other hand, if you have top dwellers, you can comparatively add more decorations.

However, you need to remember that the decorations shouldn’t be a hurdle for the fish movement.

Alright! After understanding the various factors to be considered while decorating the tank, the next important thing to know is whether fish like decorations in their habitat.

Do Fish Like Decorations In Their Tank?

Fish like decorations in their tank. The challenge here is not to stuff the tank with too many decorations but arrange them in such a manner that they give your fish a feeling of their natural habitat.

Decorations create the atmosphere in which your fish live.

Hence, decorations make the fish feel comfortable by providing hiding places to retreat into when they are sick or tired.

Most fish become prey, so they get stressed if they feel exposed and vulnerable.

Hiding places in decorations like rocks, caves, or plants makes the fish feel secure.

A well-decorated tank reduces the stress in fish, thereby improving their immune system.

A stress-free fish is always healthier, has more resistance to diseases, and heals faster.

This helps the fish to live a longer and healthier life.

Moreover, fish in a decorated tank are more likely to display their natural behavior.

They will be more active and spend more time exploring the environment.

This will improve their overall well-being and enhance their color too.

How Too Many Decorations Affect The Fish?

The biggest problem with decorations is that they limit the swimming space for the fish.

Fish are accustomed to large swimming areas in their natural habitat.

Hence, when you confine the fish in an aquarium, the space seems too small.

And with the decorations around, the space in the aquarium gets even tinier and less comfortable.

If you have fish with a peaceful temperament, they may adjust to the decorations around them.

However, territorial fish such as cichlids and bettas get aggressive in limited space and start fighting.

The fights even lead to fatal injuries.

Another disadvantage of having too many decorations is that they limit the water volume in the tank.

Less water means it gets contaminated quickly.

So you will need to do frequent water changes to maintain its quality.

Finally, if the tank is overloaded with decorations, the fish get cramped for space.

If the space is less, fish scrape against the decorations and injure themselves badly if the decorations have sharp edges.

Points To Consider While Decorating The Fish Tank

The placement of the decorations depends on you, but some general guidelines need to be followed.

Given below are some things to keep in mind while decorating an aquarium.

  • Ensure that most of the decorations are placed away from the tank walls to create ample swimming space for the fish.
  • Try to keep the decorations simple. Complex designs distract the fish. They also take time to clean. Simple shapes work better than complex ones.
  • Don’t put too many decorations in one spot. Keep an eye on the placement of the decorations. Too many decorations in one spot create shadows affecting the lighting conditions within the tank.
  • Make sure that the decorations have smooth edges. Sharp edges injure the fish.

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