Can Tetras Live With Angelfish? (Which Can And Which Cannot?)

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Most types of tetra fish can live peacefully with angelfish. However, not all types of tetras can be kept with angelfish. It is risky to keep certain varieties of tetras like cardinal tetras and neon tetras with angelfish. Due to their tiny sizes, they may end up being eaten by angelfish.

Let’s talk about this in more detail now.

The Important Factors To Know About Angelfish In Community Tanks

Angelfish belong to the Amazon river basins in South America. They are members of the cichlid family.

These fish are known for their long, beautiful fins and flat bodies. They thrive in freshwater aquariums, in water temperatures of 80°F with an acidic pH.

Angelfish are generally pleasant community fish when kept in the right environment. They do not need much maintenance.

However, as members of the cichlid family, they have the innate tendency to become aggressive under certain circumstances.

If you do not keep them with suitable tankmates, they can create chaos.

You may have noticed that angelfish have long and beautiful fins. These beautiful fins can cause trouble when their tankmates are fin nippers.

When attacked, the angelfish can become stressed and lead an unhappy existence. So, you should consider this factor when choosing tankmates for angelfish.

Are Tetras Compatible With Angelfish?

Since tetras and angelfish share the same habitat in the wild, their environmental needs are similar.

You will not need any special arrangements for either fish when you keep them in the same tank.

However, the concern is regarding their behavioral compatibility. Some varieties of tetras will easily get along with angelfish. Others can face or create problems.

Let us look at the different types of tetras and how well they adjust with angelfish in closer detail.

Can Neon Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Angelfish will eat any fish that fits their mouth. This tendency presents a serious problem for neon tetras.

Neon tetras are tiny fish. Due to their small size, they can be easily eaten by angelfish. The angelfish may not chase or hunt the tetras.

However, if they come across a neon tetra, they will not hesitate to gobble it up.

You can reduce the likelihood of angelfish eating your neon tetras by planting bushy live plants. These plants will offer hiding spots for the tiny fish.

Properly feeding the angelfish will also reduce their interest in other fish.

Nonetheless, you cannot completely rule out the chance of your tetras running into angelfish.

When this happens, the angelfish will most likely make a snack of the neon tetra.

Angelfish also tend to become aggressive as they grow older.

So, even if your neon tetras manage to survive for a while, there is no guarantee of how long they will be able to survive.

The risk of being eaten is even greater for neon tetra fry. The fry are much smaller than the adults. They will be gone without a trace in a tank with angelfish.

Will Angelfish Kill Neon Tetras?

Although angelfish belong to the cichlid family, they are not as aggressive as other cichlids.

They tend to have a peaceful disposition and will not attack for no reason.

Nonetheless, angelfish like bite-size fish. They will eat any that fit their mouths, including neon tetras.

So, it is highly likely that they will kill neon tetras and eat them in such circumstances.

Can Black Neon Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Black neon tetras, like neon tetras, are small fish. Due to their tiny size, they will easily fit in the mouth of the larger angelfish.

Hence, they will end up as bait if they come anywhere near the angelfish.

Angelfish will neither spare the adults nor black neon tetra fry. So, it isn’t a good idea to keep them together in the same tank.

Can Cardinal Tetras Live With Angelfish?

It is not a great idea to keep cardinal tetras in the same tank as angelfish.

Although many people seem to face no problems with this combination, there is no guarantee that the two fish will peacefully co-exist.

Angelfish eat neon tetras in the wild. Cardinal tetras are slightly bigger than neon tetras. However, they are tiny enough to be eaten by adult angelfish.

Even if a small angelfish ignores them, it may try to eat cardinal tetras once it grows big.

Angelfish will catch and eat any cardinal tetra fry if it finds them. Hence, it is risky to keep either adult or juvenile cardinal tetras in the same tank as an angelfish.

Can Congo Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Congo tetras can grow to be two to three inches big. At this size, an angelfish will not be able to eat it. So, it should be fine to keep congo tetras with angelfish.

Although congo tetras are generally peaceful and pleasant fish, they are very active. These busy bodies can stress the angelfish with their incessant activity.

This may trigger trouble and cause distress to an angelfish. So, look out for any issues, at least in the initial days, to rule out any problems.

Can Glofish Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Glofish tetras are generally peaceful animals. They show shoaling tendencies and prefer to live in groups.

Glofish tetras usually get along with angelfish. However, it is better if you keep several glofish tetras together. This way, the glofish will be busy within its shoal.

Lonely glofish tetras can be nasty fin-nippers. Since angelfish have long, beautiful fins, this behavioral tendency can prove problematic.

If the glofish tetras nip the fins of the angelfish, it will become stressed. Torn fins can lead to other health issues and cause the angelfish to suffer.

Can Serpae Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Serpae tetras are generally peaceful fish. However, they are fin nippers by nature.

The actual chances of serape tetras attacking angelfish will depend on the conditions in the tank, the temperament of the fish, and various other factors.

This fish is usually drawn to the long, beautiful fins of angelfish.

Fin nipping can cause the angelfish to become stressed, and it can affect their overall well-being.

Fin nipping can also badly hurt the angelfish. So, serape tetras are not ideal tankmates for angelfish.

Can Bloodfin Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Like serape tetras, bloodfin tetras can also be fin nippers. They will show tendencies to attack the long and flowy fins of angelfish.

This risk is higher when there are fewer bloodfin tetras in the tank.

Bloodfin tetras will display shoaling tendency when they are kept in large numbers.

In this case, they will be busy within their community. So, the bloodfin tetras will not usually pay much attention to other tankmates of the tank.

Nevertheless, you cannot completely overlook the possibility of bloodfin tetras nibbling on the fins of the angelfish.

So, it is better if you avoid keeping these two fish in the same tank.

Can Glowlight Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Glowlight tetras are generally peaceful fish. They get along with most community fish.

However, it is not a good idea to keep them with angelfish because of their small size.

Angelfish are considerably bigger than glowlight tetras. So, it will eat glowlight tetras if it gets a chance.

Even if you keep glowlight tetras in groups, you will find their number diminishing due to this issue.

Can Rummy Nose Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Rummy nose tetras and angelfish can co-exist in the same tank.

However, it is usually safe to introduce the rummy nose tetras into the tank only after they are adults.

When they are young, rummy nose tetras are tiny. Due to their small size, the angelfish will perceive them as food.

However, it will not be a problem once they reach their full size. Once they are adults, they will also be too active for the angelfish to pursue and catch them.

Can Black Skirt Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Black skirt tetras will usually keep to their kind and limit themselves to their community.

However, they may show the tendency to attack the long fins of an angelfish depending on the situation.

To play it safe, it is better to keep the black skirt tetras in groups.

If your tank is big enough, it is a good idea to keep at least six black skirt tetras.

They will restrict their activity to their shoal and leave the angelfish alone.

Can Redeye Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Redeye tetras are fin-nippers. Despite this tendency, they usually get along with angelfish.

If you increase the number of redeye tetras to a proper school, you should be able to avoid this problem entirely.

When redeye tetras are part of a school, they are less inclined to attack other fish.

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