Can Guppies Live With Snails? (Best Snails To Keep With Guppies)

Can Guppies Live With Snails? (Best Snails To Keep With Guppies)

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Guppies get along with most types of snails. Both of them are friendly and do not attack or chase the other. Nonetheless, some species of snails like Ramshorn snails, Nerite snails, Golden Mystery snails, Malaysian Trumpet snails, and Assassin snails are better tank mates for guppies than others.

Let’s talk about this in detail now.

Snails Vs Guppies

Guppies are friendly community fish.

They liven up a tank with their activity and go about their business without troubling their tank mates.

Guppies rarely display aggressive behavior.

Snails are also peaceful creatures that make great additions to freshwater aquariums. They do a great job of scavenging.

Snails feed on uneaten food and dead and decaying matter in the tank. Thus, they make the tank a cleaner place for the fish.

Most snails prefer a temperature range of 65°F to 82°F.

Guppies also need a similar temperature range. Hence, both creatures can live in the same environment.

As guppies and snails are good-natured animals, they can create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your tank.

You may not see the two species interacting. Nonetheless, there will be no competition for food or resources.

More importantly, there will be no conflicts. So, it will be a peaceful and pleasant habitat for both animals.

Do Guppies Eat Snails?

Although guppies have a good appetite, they do not chase or attack other aquatic creatures for food.

However, they will eat anything that fits their mouth.

You should keep this factor in mind when selecting tank mates for your guppy fish.

This immense appetite of the guppy will not create problems for snails. Snails have a hard shell that guppies cannot break.

Additionally, most snails are too large for guppies to eat. So, there is no risk of the guppy trying to eat adult snails.

Nevertheless, we cannot say the same for snail eggs.

If your pet snails spawn eggs in the tank and the guppies get too close to them, they may snack on them.

So, if you intend to breed your snails, it may not be the best idea to keep them with guppies.

However, did you know that snails are prolific breeders?

Snail populations in aquariums can get out of control if left unchecked.

In such a situation, your guppies may be able to help.

By grazing on the snail eggs, they will keep the snail population in your tank under control and prevent it from exploding.

Will Snails Eat Guppies or Guppy Fry?

It is highly unlikely that snails will eat either guppies or guppy fry. Most snails do not attack other creatures. They are also too slow to catch adult guppies.

Adult guppies can swim fast and dodge snails to escape. Guppy fry is also capable of swimming and hiding from slow-moving animals like snails. However, snails will consume dead fish in your aquarium.

They are drawn to the dead and decaying matter in a tank, as they are scavengers. So, if they come across a dead guppy in the tank, they will devour it.

What Snails Can Live With Guppies?

Here are some of the best varieties of freshwater snails to add to your guppy aquarium:

1. Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn snails are passive creatures. Their easygoing nature makes them the perfect companions for guppy fish.

Additionally, Ramshorn snails have vivid and attractive colors. Due to this, Ramshorn snails make a beautiful addition to a fish tank.

The only problem with Ramshorn snails is that these creatures can quickly overpopulate a tank.

When they receive good nutrition, they breed profusely. They may also eat your aquatic plants and grow big.

2. Nerite Snails

The best thing about Nerite snails is that you will not have to worry about them overtaking your tank.

These snails will only breed in saltwater.

Since a guppy aquarium will have freshwater, there is no risk of Nerite snails breeding in your aquarium.

Nerite snails will keep the tank very clean. These animals like to eat algae and excess plants.

By doing this, they will make the tank sparkle. Nerite snails also have a very docile nature and do not intimidate guppies.

3. Golden Mystery Snails

Golden Mystery snails are just as interesting as their name.

These creatures have lovely golden shells, and they grow quite big. So, they can make your fish tank look beautiful.

These snails have friendly personalities, and they get along very well with guppies.

They also do a proper job of keeping the tank clean and free of dead and decaying matter.

4. Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet snails are hardy animals that can survive even in the most unfavorable environments.

These snails live burrowed in the gravel, feeding on excess food and aerating the substrate. They will not pester your guppies.

However, Malaysian Trumpet snails can overrun the aquarium and burden the filtration system if left unchecked.

If their rapid reproductive ability does not concern you, they are a good choice for your guppy tank.

5. Assassin Snails

If you are worried about the rapid increase in the snail population in your guppy tank, Assassin snails are the solution to your problem.

While these snails do not attack or harm fish, they are aggressive towards other snails.

As a result, assassin snails can control the proliferation of snails in your tank. They get along well with guppies.

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