Can Guppies Eat Goldfish Food? (Yes, But Here’s Why It’s Not Ideal)

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Guppies will eat goldfish food if they find it. Although the goldfish food will not have any adverse effects on guppies, they will not thrive on goldfish food alone. Since guppies need more protein than goldfish, food meant for goldfish will not satisfy their nutritional requirements.

The nutritional requirements differ for each fish. So, the perfect diet for one fish will be less than ideal for another one. While there is no harm in occasionally feeding your guppy with fish food meant for another fish, it will not be the ideal choice. Guppies need a well-balanced and varied diet to grow and thrive. Let us now find out what this diet includes.

Best Food For Guppies

Guppies are omnivores. They eat both plants and meat.

Their ideal diet would have enough nutrition from both plant and animal sources.

Guppies thrive on a varied diet that offers a variety of nutrients.

A well-rounded guppy diet would have enough protein.

Protein helps guppies grow well. Female guppies need protein to produce healthy fry.

Tropical fish flakes are the best store-bought food for guppies.

It has a balanced mix of protein and other nutrients for guppies to stay healthy.

Additionally, guppy owners also use freeze-dried and live food like blood worms, brine shrimp, micro worms, and vinegar eels as supplementary protein.

These foods help guppies grow to their full size.

You can also feed your guppy fish homemade food. Spinach, zucchini, peas, salad greens, and cucumbers are suitable options.

Guppies also like to eat fruits like bananas and grapes.

Chop them into small pieces and drop them into the aquarium for your guppies to enjoy.

Adult guppies can also eat beef liver and other types of meat that has been finely chopped or blended.

The size of the food is an important factor to consider when feeding your guppies.

Although this fish will eat almost anything, the food should fit their tiny mouths. Store-bought guppy food has the right size.

However, when you use other types of food, including homemade varieties, crumble it into small pieces.

Why Shouldn’t YouFeed Only Goldfish Food To Guppies?

If you ever run out of guppy food but have goldfish food, you can give it to your guppies.

However, it is not recommended that you make this a regular practice.

Although goldfish are also omnivores like guppies, their diet is different. Goldfish eat more plant matter than guppies.

In the wild, the goldfish diet is primarily composed of plants and algae.

Meanwhile, guppies eat insect larvae, crustaceans, and aquatic worms.

Hence, guppies and goldfish need a different set of minerals and nutrients.

Readymade fish food is usually put together for a specific species.

It tends to replicate the nutritional profile of what a fish would eat in its natural environment.

So, fish food for guppies would contain more protein, while goldfish food would have more plant-based nutrients.

Did you know that guppies get their bright and lively colors from the food they eat?

When the quality of food decreases, so do their colors.

The absence of suitable nutrition will make them look dull over time.

More importantly, it will also affect their immunity and reduce their life span.

When guppy fish are exclusively fed goldfish food, their nutritional needs are not fully met.

This diet will lack protein. It will also not contain the ideal balance of minerals and vitamins for guppy growth.

Extended use of the same food will make this deficiency more severe.

If you keep guppies and goldfish together, it is better to use different foods for each species to keep both types of fish healthy.

How To Feed Goldfish Food To Guppies?

Goldfish food is usually in the form of flakes or sinking pellets in sizes that fit goldfish’s mouth.

Guppies are smaller than goldfish. They have tiny mouths.

So, we do not advise feeding goldfish flakes or pellets as such to guppies.

To make it convenient for the guppies to eat the flakes, crush them into small pieces first. Then, drop them into the tank.

Since guppy fish are voracious eaters that always appear hungry, they will immediately dart towards the food.

So, you will not have any trouble feeding goldfish food to them when you are in a pinch.

What To Feed Guppies When Out Of Food?

You may occasionally run out of guppy food and not be in a situation to replenish it immediately.

Or you may sometimes end up buying the wrong food from the pet store.

In either case, you need not stress. Firstly, guppies will be fine without food for a day or two.

Adult guppies can survive for up to two weeks without food. Younger guppy fry cannot survive for so long.

Nonetheless, they can also tolerate a day or two without food.

However, it is not good to starve your guppies too often.

Continuous supply of good nutrition ensures their well-being and helps them live for longer.

Now, in the dire case that you cannot find guppy food, there are other options.

Firstly, you can find suitable foods for your fish in your kitchen.

Substitute store-bought fish with vegetables and fruits. Cut them into tiny morsels, and your guppy fish will enjoy the treat.

You can also feed the fish insect larvae, worms, and other live foods.

When hungry, guppies will graze on algae and aquatic plants in the tank.

So, you do not have to worry about your fish being hungry when they live in a planted tank.

The available food sources will satisfy their hunger to a certain extent.

Temporarily feeding guppies food meant for other fish like goldfish or betta fish will also not cause any harm.

However, switch back to the right type of wholesome food as soon as possible.

Related Questions

Can guppies eat betta food? Since guppies are omnivorous fish, there is no harm in occasionally feeding them betta food. However, betta fish are carnivores, and their food is primarily composed of meat-based ingredients. While this will satisfy the protein needs of a guppy, it is not wholesome food. Guppies also need plant-based nutrition for optimal health. Betta food lacks vegetarian matter. So, you should not feed your guppies betta food exclusively. It will not supply all the minerals and nutrients this fish needs to grow and thrive.

How often do guppy fish need food? Guppy fish are gluttons that will always rush to food and eat whatever they find. However, they do not need too much food. You can feed your guppies small amounts of food once or twice a day. Do not feed them more food than what they can eat in five minutes. Overfeeding adversely affects their health and well-being. Skip feeding them for a day or two if you think they are overeating. Guppy fry needs food more frequently than adults. Feed them protein-rich foods up to five times a day to improve their chances of growing into healthy adults.

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