Arowana Tank Size [Ideal Tank Size and Factors to Determine It]

Arowana Tank Size [Ideal Tank Size and Factors to Determine It]

Arowana in an ideal-sized tank

The ideal tank size for an arowana is 250 gallons because it’s large in size and an active swimmer. However, the tank size should be bigger depending on the number of tank mates, equipment used to maintain the tank water quality, and the aquatic plants and decor added to the tank.

Why Do Arowanas Need a Large Tank?

Arowanas reach up to 2 to 3 feet in length, which emphasizes the need for a large tank.

A large tank allows the arowana to move around and explore the tank.

If you add tank mates, a large tank also gives each fish enough space to create its territory. This reduces conflicts.

A large tank is also easier to maintain since it’s less susceptible to changes in water parameters.

This results in a healthier habitat. There will also be fewer disease outbreaks due to the stable water quality.

A large tank also provides sufficient room for adding essential equipment and decorations without reducing the space for arowanas.

So providing a large tank helps keep the arowanas healthy.

How Does a Small Tank Affect Arowanas?

Given below are some adverse effects of keeping an arowana in a small tank.

1. Stunted Growth

Arowana is a large-sized fish that needs sufficient space to swim.

If the tank is small, it can stunt the arowana’s growth.

2. Conflicts

Keeping tank mates with an arowana in a small tank can cramp it for space due to overcrowding.

These will lead to increased interactions and conflicts between all the tank inhabitants.

3. Stress

Lack of space and continuous conflicts with other fish can stress the arowana.

A stressful environment can affect its immune system, making it susceptible to various aquarium diseases.

4. Health Issues

An arowana produces a lot of waste which can easily affect the water quality of a small tank.

Fish waste can increase the ammonia and nitrite levels of the tank water, thus harming the arowana’s health.

This can decrease the arowana’s lifespan.

5. Aggression

Small tanks will cramp the arowana and lead to territorial issues.

Stress and increased confrontations can make the arowana aggressive toward its tank mates and you.

Factors that Determine the Ideal Tank Size for Arowanas

Given below are certain factors that you should consider to determine the tank size for arowanas.

1. Size of The Arowana

The size of the arowana is essential to consider while determining its tank size.

Unlike most fish in the aquarium hobby, arowanas can grow quite large.

So the tank size should be large enough to provide the arowanas with enough room to move around comfortably.

2. Swimming Behavior

Arowana swimming in a tank

Arowanas are active swimmers who love to explore their surroundings.

So it’s recommended to choose a tank with more horizontal space than vertical for arowanas.

The tank should provide sufficient space for the fish to move freely without bumping into other inhabitants or decorations.

3. Number of Tank Mates

A tank’s size largely depends on the number of fish you want to keep in it.

Increasing the number of fish means that you will need more space to accommodate all the fish.

Therefore, the tank should be large enough to hold the arowana and its tank mates.

4. Aquarium Equipment and Decor

The tank size isn’t solely determined by the size and number of fish in it.

You need to use aquatic plants and decorations to create a cover that provides a secure habitat for an arowana.

An efficient filter, heater, air stone, air pump, etc., are also necessary to ensure optimal water quality and oxygenation.

The tank size should account for the space needed to keep the equipment and decorations.

Ideal Tank Size for Jardini Arowanas

Jardini arowanas typically need large aquariums since these fish are known to grow up to 2 feet in length.

The ideal tank size to keep jardini arowanas is 180 gallons or more.

Tanks smaller than 180 gallons will not be able to meet jardini arowanas’ needs.

An aquarium of 75 gallons is an option to keep young jardini arowanas, but a larger tank is beneficial in the long run due to the rapid growth rate of these arowanas.

A 180-gallon tank is large and suitable to house a single jardini arowana and additional bottom-dwelling fish as tank mates.

Ideal Tank Size for African Arowanas

African arowanas are known to grow up to 3 feet long and should be housed in large aquariums.

The ideal tank size for African arowanas is 250 gallons or more.

It can be challenging to replicate the natural habitat of African arowanas by choosing a smaller tank.

Like all arowana species, young African arowanas are known to grow fast. So investing in a small tank isn’t a great idea.

It’s best to opt for a large tank to ensure that it will meet the future requirements of these large-sized fish.

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