Are Turtles Lucky? [How Different Cultures View Turtles]

Are Turtles Lucky? [How Different Cultures View Turtles]

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Turtles do represent good luck and fortune in many cultures, especially in Asia. It’s believed that they bring peace and tranquility into life. Turtle statutes are also related to the beliefs of feng shui, which has specific guidelines on how and where to place them depending on the material.

Okay! But why are turtles considered to be lucky?

Why Are Turtles Considered Lucky?

Supernatural beliefs regarding turtles are not limited to Asia.

Many cultures see a turtle as someone carrying the world on its back or supporting the heavens.

It’s also believed that the turtle can give you comfort through tough times as they demonstrate their perseverance with their long, calm lives.

In addition to this, turtles also symbolize:

  • Longevity,
  • Endurance,
  • Strength,
  • Stability,
  • Wisdom,
  • Patience, and
  • Ability to be grounded.

The Four Celestial Animals of feng shui are the Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, White Tiger, and Red Phoenix. Combinations of these positive symbols also exist, like the dragon turtle, which we’ll talk about further below.

In addition to these, some of the less popular beliefs mentioned towards the end of the article might even surprise you.

Which Direction Should Your Turtle Statue Face For Good Luck?

Turtle statues that are kept for good luck are made of different materials.

Each of these materials determines the direction in which the statues need to be placed.

Here’s a list of turtle statue materials and how to place them around your home.

Turtle MaterialTurtle Statue Direction
MetalNorth or northwest direction: Facing north will attract good luck for children and increase their concentration levels.
WoodEast or southeast direction: Deters all negative energies in your home.
Crystal TortoiseSouthwest and northwest directions: Facing southwest will bring money into your life. Facing northwest will bring fame and increase your lifespan.

It’s also very beneficial to place the turtle in some water to increase the flow of energy throughout your life.

To do this, place the turtle into a dish of the same material and add some water until the turtle feet are submerged in the water.

Remember to refill the water every couple of days as it evaporates.

The turtle statue must also be placed in the correct areas of the house to be properly effective according to the feng shui beliefs.

These are the areas that you should place your turtle in:

Turtle MaterialArea of Home or Office
Mud or resinSouthwest, northeast, or center of the building.
MetalNorth or northwest area of the building.
WoodSoutheast or east area of the building.
Crystal TurtlesSouthwest and north area of the building.

Having the turtle in these different areas will work well to channel the positive energy into your life.

There are also additional benefits to having the turtle in different rooms of your house, namely:

  • Living area: If you keep the turtle in your living area, it will bring harmony among your family members.
  • Entrances: Positioning the turtle at any entrance of the building safeguards against negative energy.
  • Inside water feature: Placing your turtle inside a fountain or waterfall will magnify its powers.
  • Near your head in bed: This will take away anxieties and give you a good night’s rest.
  • Behind you in your home office: Having the turtle in this position is believed to provide you with extra support and security.

It’s advisable not to keep the turtle in the kitchen or bathroom of the house.

Is It Bad Luck If The Turtle Dies?

We aren’t aware of any beliefs that consider a turtle dying to be bad luck. Of course, death is just a part of life in the end.

Some people consider turtles to be bad luck, as we will discuss below.

However, many people believe that leaving anything dead around your home will bring bad luck if you don’t dispose of it swiftly.

Can Turtles Be Bad Luck?

Some cultures and religions believe that turtles/tortoises can be bad luck.

Early Christians viewed them as a symbol of evil forces during wars.

In Greece, some people believe that turtles were once creatures of hell.

Turtles have been thought of as a temporary place where souls dwell while they make their journey through a series of lives on their way to Nirvana.

Which Type Of Turtle Is Lucky?

There isn’t one specific type of turtle that’s considered luckier than others.

Any turtle placed in the correct areas of your home and office facing the correct directions, as referenced at the beginning of the article, will bring forth the positive energies that you desire.

However, some people believe that a combination of the dragon and turtle, as explained below, can be one of the luckiest symbols because of the combined positive energies that these two symbols offer.

The Dragon Turtle

One of the most potent symbols in traditional feng shui is the Dragon Turtle.

This is a dragon-headed turtle that’s associated with courage, auspiciousness, and good luck.

The dragon turtle is known to attract wealth and prosperity. Normally if a dragon turtle is chosen for these specific reasons, it will be a gold one.

Coins and ingots are placed around it with a Chinese coin in the mouth.

Placing a baby dragon turtle on its back can add strength to this feng shui wealth cure.

For success in your career, a high-quality bronze statue or carved crystal stone can be used in the north or northwest areas of your home or office.

You should choose a dragon turtle with a ru yi on its back and strong claws. You should place this statue facing your lucky direction.

A metal dragon turtle is also known to neutralize the energy of negative annual stars, specifically stars 2 and 5.

This is because it attracts protective energies with its fiery and courageous energy within the dragon.

The turtle compliments the dragon with its watchful guardian energy.

Are Turtles A Link Between Heaven And Earth?

In Asia, some people believe that the turtle represents universal order and that it created the heavens and the earth with its body.

  • Its shell symbolizes heaven.
  • The body symbolizes Mother earth.
  • The undershell represents the underworld.

More Beliefs About Turtles

Certain religions believe that turtles hatching on the beach and returning to the ocean can be viewed as returning to God through God’s guidance.

Some Native American beliefs are that the world is carried on a turtle’s back.

The Mohawk tribe believes that when the earth trembles, it’s caused by the old grandmother turtle who holds the earth on her back.

Turtles are divine according to Chinese culture.

This is due to the fact that they’re peaceful, slow-moving creatures that are slow to react to external matters.

They are seen as extremely wise in their eyes and a source of long life.

In Indian mythology, it’s not suitable for a tortoise to be kept within the home because it’s so sacred.

It’s believed that the tortoise is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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