Where Do Painted Turtles Live? (In The Wild, US, Canada, Etc.)

Image of a painted turtle

Painted turtles are characterized by their beautiful colors and ornate markings on the shell. They are indeed one of nature’s masterpieces. They are very commonly seen in North America and nearby regions. Let’s find out all about this fascinating aquatic creature, beginning with, where do painted turtles live?

Painted turtles live in freshwater bodies like ponds, streams, and lakes with soft, muddy bottoms. They like slow-moving waters that have plenty of vegetation and spaces with sunlight where they can bask during the day. You can find painted turtles all over North America, New Mexico, and Canada.

Let’s now look at the various habitats of painted turtles. But before that…

What Are Painted Turtles?

Painted turtles are very common throughout North America. Their most striking characteristic is their vivid coloring.

Their skin has beautiful yellow, orange, and red stripes on an olive-black base.

These turtles also have soft, glossy shells without any ridges.

These turtles are small and grow to a maximum size of 25 cm. They are omnivores.

Plants and small animals form the greater part of their diet. They eat small water creatures like fish, crustaceans, and insects.

They will also feed on algae and other plants that are available in their surroundings.

Based on their regional presence, painted turtles have been classified into four main types:

  • Eastern painted turtles,
  • Western painted turtles,
  • Midland painted turtles, and
  • Southern painted turtles.

There are slight differences in the appearance and size of each of these varieties.

However, they can interbreed, and the offspring are called interglades.

All painted turtles are diurnal creatures. They are active during the day and rest at night.

Although painted turtles are aquatic, they will also spend a significant amount of time basking in the sun.

Painted turtles will often climb on top of each other to bask in the sun.

They pile on top of each other for warmth and to enjoy higher sun exposure.

Exposure to the sun helps them obtain the UV rays they need for metabolism.

This activity also helps them generate Vitamin D to stay healthy.

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Where Do Painted Turtles Live In The Wild?

Painted turtles are aquatic turtles. They spend most of their time in water and occasionally climb on rocks or logs to bask in the sun.

In the wild, you can find painted turtles in freshwater habitats with slow-moving water.

They prefer shallow pools, streams, lakes, and marshes.

Occasionally, you may also see painted turtles in brackish water and salty marshlands.

The turtles like water bodies with soft mud at the bottom.

They also prefer to hang around areas with logs and rocks that they can climb.

Painted turtles are most comfortable in spaces with dense vegetation. It offers them plenty of hiding spots.

The animals conceal themselves by burying into the mud and covering their bodies with foliage and vegetation.

Since painted turtles are cold-blooded, they depend on the sun to regulate their body temperature.

They hibernate during the colder months when the surrounding temperature drops.

Painted turtles will bury themselves in mud and hibernate till the weather becomes warm, and they can find food.

Although painted turtles bask in groups, they are solitary animals.

They are not very friendly creatures and prefer to be on their own most of the time.

However, these animals socialize and interact during mating season. For the rest of the year, they prefer to be on their own.

Where Do Baby Painted Turtles Live?

Painted turtles breed from March to mid-June. Fertilized females climb to the shore to lay their eggs.

They will dig deep flask-shaped nests to hold their eggs.

Older females usually travel further inland than young females to find the right spot for their nests.

The egg-laying season is usually between May and July.

After building the nest and laying the eggs, the turtle covers it with layers of soil to keep it safe.

She hangs around till she is strong enough to make the return journey to the water. The eggs are then on their own.

Painted turtle eggs hatch within three months of being laid.

The sex of the babies will depend on the temperature of the nest. Warmer nests produce females, and cooler nests produce males.

The hatchlings will usually stay in the nest through fall and winter and then find their way to the water in spring.

Painted turtle babies can survive in streams, ponds, and other slow-moving freshwater habitats.

They join the existing colony of turtles in an area and quickly adapt to the natural environment around them.

Where Do Painted Turtles Live In The Winter?

A painted turtle is active in warm weather.

Since it depends on the surroundings for warmth, it becomes lethargic and inactive in winter.

During winter, almost all wild-painted turtles hibernate.

The turtles forage for food in spring and summer but stop feeding in fall.

As the temperature dips, the turtle prepares to hibernate.

It prefers secluded spots where it can stay safely buried.

It may either choose the bottom of a pond, the shore, or even woody spaces for this purpose.

While the turtle hibernates, it does not breathe. It may, however, get some oxygen through its skin.

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Different Varieties Of Painted Turtles And Where They Live

We already mentioned that painted turtles are classified into four varieties.

This classification is based on where the turtles are found. Let us now take a closer look at each of these varieties.

Where Do Eastern Painted Turtles Live?

Image of a eastern painted turtle
Eastern Painted Turtle

Eastern painted turtles are found in the regions extending from South-Eastern Canada to Georgia.

Their presence is mainly restricted to the warm areas closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

These turtles mix with the midland species in the northeast and interbreed since there is significant overlap between these spaces.

Eastern painted turtles have olive-green to black shells with a pale stripe in the center and beautiful red markings along the sides.

The bottom shell is usually pale yellow.

Where Do Western Painted Turtles Live?

Image of a western painted turtle
Western Painted Turtle

Western painted turtles inhabit southern parts of West Canada.

Due to geographical constraints, they do not mix with midland-painted turtles.

You can also find them in British Columbia and most states of Central America.

They live in streams, ponds, pasture ponds, and even roadside pools.

The Western painted turtle has a recognizable pattern consisting of light mesh-like lines on its shell.

The bottom shell has a brightly colored blotch that spreads towards its legs.

This turtle grows faster than the other painted turtle varieties.

Where Do Midland Painted Turtles Live?

Image of a midland painted turtle
Midland Painted Turtle

You can find midland painted turtles in the states of Michigan, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

They intermix with the southern painted turtles along these boundaries.

In Canada, the midland painted turtles occupy areas along Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Midland-painted turtles prefer quiet and slow-moving water habitats.

They usually live in shores and coves with shallow water and bushy plant growth.

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Where Do Southern Painted Turtles Live?

Image of a southern painted turtle
Southern Painted Turtle

Southern painted turtles are abundant in the regions beyond those occupied by the midland painted turtles.

This includes Southern Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma.

You will also find them all over Alabama, northern Mississippi, and western Tennessee.

Like the midland turtles, the southern painted turtles also prefer dwellings in slow and quiet waters.

They stick to shores and coves with slow-moving waters and enjoy habitats with heavy natural vegetation.


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