Variabilichromis moorii (The Complete Guide)

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Variabilichromis moorii is a type of freshwater fish with no common name. It’s found in Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa.

This small, oval-shaped fish was named after John Edmund Sharrock Moore, who discovered it during an expedition to the lake. He was a scientist who studied cells and animals.

Variabilichromis moorii is unique because it’s the only one in its genus. It feeds on algae, tiny animals called zooplankton, and small creatures living at the bottom of the lake.

Variabilichromis moorii forages for food by breaking apart underwater plants and finding small animals hidden within them. People also keep this fish in aquariums.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Variabilichromis moorii Interesting Facts

  • Named after scientist John Edmund Sharrock Moore, Variabilichromis moorii is found only in Lake Tanganyika, eastern Africa.
  • Young fish are yellow; adults grow up to 4.05 inches (10.3 centimeters) long and turn dark brown or black.
  • Their unique diet includes algae, zooplankton, and small creatures from the lake bottom.
  • Parent fish exhibit protective behavior by laying eggs in caves and guarding their offspring.

Variabilichromis moorii Habitat

Variabilichromis moorii is found only in the southern half of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. It lives in freshwater and swims near the bottom of the lake.

The ideal water temperature for this fish is between 75°F to 79°F (24°C to 26°C). It’s a tropical species, living around 6°S to 9°S latitude.

Water Temperature:75°F to 79°F (24°C to 26°C)
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Variabilichromis moorii Physical Characteristics

Size: 4.05 inches (10.3 centimeters)

Variabilichromis moorii grows up to a maximum length of 4.05 inches (10.3 centimeters) long.

Young Variabilichromis moorii is yellow, while adult fish is dark brown or black.

Variabilichromis moorii Reproduction

Variabilichromis moorii lays eggs in caves. Both parents look after their babies.

Variabilichromis moorii Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Variabilichromis moorii
Also Known As:Variabilichromis moorii
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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