Big-mouth Hap [Everything You Should Know]

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Big-mouth Hap is a freshwater fish scientifically known as Tyrannochromis macrostoma. It lives in Lake Malawi, where it likes to live in shallow waters with rocks.

People also keep this fish in aquariums.

Big-mouth Hap feeds on other fish, particularly Mbunas, by foraging around rocks and in crevices. Then, it quickly catches the prey using its large mouth.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Big-mouth Hap Interesting Facts

  • Big-mouth Hap (Tyrannochromis macrostoma) is native to Lake Malawi and thrives in shallow, rocky waters.
  • This fish grows up to 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters) long and preys on other fish by ambushing them with its large mouth.
  • Ideal habitat conditions include a pH range of 7.4 to 8.4, water hardness between 7 to 30 dH, and temperatures between 73.4°F to 80.6°F (23°C to 27°C).
  • This species provides parental care for over three weeks until the young reach around 3.8 to 4.0 cm in length and can hunt independently.

Big-mouth Hap Habitat

Big-mouth Hap is native to Lake Malawi in Africa. It lives in freshwater at the bottom of the lake (demersal).

The pH range for its habitat is 7.4 to 8.4, and it prefers a water hardness (dH) between 7 to 30.

The ideal water temperature for this tropical fish is between 73.4°F to 80.6°F (23°C to 27°C). Its natural distribution lies between latitudes 9°S to 15°S.

Water Temperature:73.4°F to 80.6°F (23°C to 27°C)
Water pH:7.4 to 8.4 pH
Water Hardness:7 to 30 dH

Big-mouth Hap Physical Characteristics

Size: 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters)

Big-mouth Hap grows up to 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters) long.

Big-mouth Hap Reproduction

Big-mouth Hap protects its babies for over three weeks.

Once the young fish grow to be 3.8 to 4.0 cm long, they live on their own and hunt by themselves in rocky areas.

Big-mouth Hap Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Tyrannochromis macrostoma
Also Known As:Big-mouth Hap
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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