Driftwood Catfish (Everything You Should Know)

Driftwood Catfish

Driftwood Catfish, also known as Fisher’s Woodcat, is a thin freshwater fish found in Colombia’s Sucio River.

It has other scientific names like Parauchenipterus fisheri and Trachycorystes fisheri.

One way to recognize this species is by its mouth at the end of its face, while other similar species have mouths positioned higher.

Driftwood catfish is sometimes sold as a tropical aquarium fish but isn’t very popular.

The IUCN Red List considers it as “least concern,” meaning it’s not currently at risk of extinction.

Driftwood Catfish Interesting Facts

  • Driftwood Catfish, or Trachelyopterus fisheri, is native to Colombia’s Sucio River.
  • This species has a unique mouth position at the end of its face.
  • Sold as a tropical aquarium fish, but not very popular.
  • Listed as “least concern” by IUCN Red List, meaning it’s not at risk of extinction.

Driftwood Catfish Habitat

Driftwood catfish is a type of catfish found in South America, specifically in the Suico River basin in Colombia.

It lives in freshwater environments and prefers to stay close to the bottom.

The ideal water temperature for this fish ranges from 72°F to 97°F (22°C to 36°C). It thrives in tropical climates.

Water Temperature:72°F to 97°F (22°C to 36°C)
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Driftwood Catfish Physical Characteristics

Size: 11.0 inches (28.0 centimeters)

Driftwood catfish grow up to 11.0 inches (28.0 centimeters) long.

Driftwood Catfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Trachelyopterus fisheri
Also Known As:Driftwood Catfish, Fisher’s Woodcat
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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