Mandarinfish [A Guide for Beginners]


Mandarinfish, also known as Mandarin Dragonet, is a small and colorful fish from the dragonet family.

This fish lives in the Pacific Ocean, from the Ryukyu Islands to Australia, and prefer warm waters.

Mandarinfish are found in shallow lagoons and reefs with coral and rubble on silty bottoms. They usually group together but spread out over a small area.

People have successfully raised them in captivity, making them a popular choice for aquariums.

Mandarinfish are also reef safe since they don’t harm coral or other marine lifeforms.

Mandarinfish Interesting Facts

  • Mandarinfish, a dragonet family member, are popular in saltwater aquariums and known for their vibrant colors.
  • Inhabiting the Western Pacific Ocean, they thrive in warm waters at depths of 1 to 18 meters.
  • With a maximum length of 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters), these fish have unique spine structures and sometimes display a rare red base color.
  • During mating, pairs swim together to the surface to release eggs and sperm simultaneously.

Mandarinfish Habitat

Mandarinfish is a tropical fish found in the Western Pacific Ocean. Its habitat ranges from the Ryukyu Islands to Australia.

This colorful reef-associated fish typically lives at depths of 1 to 18 meters and thrives in warm waters.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Mandarinfish Physical Characteristics

Size: 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters)

Mandarinfish is a small, colorful fish with a maximum length of 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters).

It has 4 dorsal spines, 8 dorsal soft rays, no anal spines, and between 6 and 8 anal soft rays.

Some rare Mandarinfish have a bright red base color. They also have a unique preopercular spine structure.

Mandarinfish Reproduction

Mandarinfish have a unique mating process.

When they mate, pairs of these fish swim closely together toward the surface. At the surface, they release eggs and sperm.

Mandarinfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Synchiropus splendidus
Also Known As:Mandarinfish, Mandarin Dragonet
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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