Picturesque Dragonet (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Picturesque Dragonet

Picturesque Dragonet, scientifically known as Synchiropus picturatus, is a bright and colorful fish from the dragonet family.

It’s found in the Indo-West Pacific region, including places like the Philippines, eastern Indonesia, and northwest Australia.

This fish is sometimes seen in the aquarium trade and has other common names such as Spotted Mandarin, Psychedelic Mandarin, or Target Mandarin.

Picturesque Dragonets’ natural habitat includes sandy areas with shallow reefs where they are protected.

They tend to hide under coral rubble and feed on small invertebrates that live at the bottom of the ocean.

They often form small groups and are safe for reef environments.

Picturesque Dragonet Interesting Facts

  • Picturesque Dragonet, a bright and colorful species, thrives in the Indo-West Pacific region near coral reefs.
  • These fish favor sandy areas with shallow reefs for protection and often hide under coral rubble.
  • Feeding on small invertebrates, they form groups and are considered safe for reef environments.
  • They reach up to 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters) in length.

Picturesque Dragonet Habitat

Picturesque Dragonet is found in the Indo-West Pacific region, specifically in the Philippines, eastern Indonesia, and northwest Australia.

It lives in marine environments near coral reefs and doesn’t migrate.

This fish typically stays at depths of 0 to 20 meters in tropical waters and is found between latitudes of 25°N to 17°S and longitude of 116°E to 156°E.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Picturesque Dragonet Physical Characteristics

Size: 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters)

Picturesque Dragonet is a small fish that grows up to 2.8 inches (7.0 centimeters) long.

Picturesque Dragonet Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Synchiropus picturatus
Also Known As:Picturesque Dragonet, Spotted Mandarin, Psychedelic Mandarin, Target Mandarin
Conservation Status:Unknown

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