Sinularia flexibilis (Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral) – Complete Guide

Sinularia flexibilis

Sinularia flexibilis is a type of soft coral that is part of the Alcyoniidae family. It’s also known as the Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral.

Sinularia flexibilis coral is very common in the western Pacific and eastern Indian Oceans. These corals like to live in big groups, often found between one and fifteen meters deep in the ocean.

Where Does Sinularia flexibilis Live?

Sinularia flexibilis lives in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean. This coral enjoys areas with strong currents and is often found in shallow waters.

The Sinularia flexibilis coral lives in various environments but is most often found in large colonies. These colonies can even take over entire areas!

What Does Sinularia flexibilis Look Like?

Sinularia flexibilis is a soft coral with long lobes that flow in the water. It can be many different colors, including cream, tan, green, or gray.

These colors might change based on where the Sinularia flexibilis coral lives.

How Does Sinularia flexibilis Grow and Reproduce?

Sinularia flexibilis coral grows and reproduces asexually.

This means that new colonies start when lobes from the parent coral drop off and start to grow on their own. This is called fission.

What Is the Best Way to Care for Sinularia flexibilis in Aquariums?

Sinularia flexibilis is slimy to the touch and is a hardy soft coral. This means it’s easy to care for, both in the wild and in aquariums.

The Sinularia flexibilis coral likes bright light and strong water movement. Because it’s photosynthetic, it doesn’t need to be fed directly. It seems to do better in areas that are rich in nutrients.

Placement of Sinularia flexibilis in The Aquarium

If you’re keeping Sinularia flexibilis coral in an aquarium, you can put it wherever conditions are best. But remember, this coral can grow big and fast.

Sinularia flexibilis might shade out other corals sooner than you think. Make sure to leave enough space between it and other corals.

What Should You Know Before Getting Sinularia flexibilis for Aquariums?

Even though Sinularia flexibilis is easy to care for, it’s important to know that it can be toxic to other reef species.

Sinularia flexibilis makes strong chemicals called terpenes that can harm some species of Acropora, Catalaphyllia, Euphyllia, Plerogra, and Porites.

This coral has been known to slow or stop the growth of some stony corals.

Use of Activated Carbon

Because of this, it’s recommended to use activated carbon at all times if you have Sinularia flexibilis coral.

Activated carbon can remove any terpenes that this coral or other Sinularia species may produce.

How Can You Propagate Sinularia flexibilis in An Aquarium?

If you want to grow more Sinularia flexibilis coral, you can do so through fragmentation. This means breaking off a piece of the coral and letting it grow into a new one.

It’s best to do this outside of the aquarium and let the new coral heal in a quarantine system before adding it back into the aquarium.

What Conditions Does Sinularia flexibilis Need to Thrive?

Temperature68°F to 83°F (20°C to 28°C)
Minimum Tank Size100 gallons
LightingPAR 400 – 450+
Water MovementWM 2 – 3
Specific Gravity1.023 – 1.025
pH8.0 – 8.4

Remember to also monitor iodine and trace elements to keep the seawater quality high.

Sinularia flexibilis coral is a great choice for beginners but remember to be careful with other species in the tank.

Sinularia flexibilis Characteristics

Temperament:Semi Aggressive
Care Level:Easy

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Sinularia flexibilis
Also Known As:Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral
Conservation Status:Unknown

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