Banggai Cardinalfish [Diet, Characteristics, Habitat, Etc.]

Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish is a small, tropical fish that belongs to the Apogonidae family. It’s the only one in its genus and popular for aquariums.

While it is bred in captivity, many are caught in the wild which has led to its endangered status.

Human impact on its environment and diseases like Iridovirus also threaten this species.

Banggai Cardinalfish is found near jetties, with silty sand bottoms and seagrass called Enhalus acoroides.

This fish lives with long-spined sea urchins called Diadema setosum.

Groups of 2 to 60 fish hover above the urchins, especially younger ones that stay closer for protection.

When threatened, Banggai Cardinalfish hides among the spines.

Young Banggai Cardinalfish also use anemones as protection.

Banggai Cardinalfish primarily feed on small crustaceans at night. This species is safe for reefs.

Banggai Cardinalfish Interesting Facts

  • Banggai Cardinalfish hides among long-spined sea urchins for protection.
  • Males carry eggs in their mouths until they hatch.
  • This species is endangered due to over-collection for aquariums.
  • Unique features include a tasseled first dorsal fin and white-spotted black margins on fins.

Banggai Cardinalfish Habitat

Banggai Cardinalfish is found in the western Pacific, specifically around the Banggai Islands in Indonesia.

It also lives near some small islands close to Taliabu Island and Luwuk. This fish lives in shallow depths of usually 1 to 2 meters, but sometimes up to 16 meters.

It’s at risk of extinction because people collect it for their aquariums.

There was a proposal submitted to list this fish under CITES Appendix II, which would help protect it from over-collection.

Banggai Cardinalfish is marine and demersal (lives on or near the sea floor) and found in tropical waters between 1°S to 2°S latitude and 123°E to 124°E longitude.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Banggai Cardinalfish Physical Characteristics

Size: 3.4 inches (8.6 centimeters)

Banggai Cardinalfish is a small aquarium fish.

It reaches maturity at around 1.6 inches (4.1 centimeters) in length and can grow up to 3.4 inches (8.6 centimeters).

This fish weighs about 11.30 grams.

Banggai Cardinalfish has the following unique features:

  • A tasseled first dorsal fin,
  • A long spike-like second dorsal fin,
  • A deeply forked caudal (tail) fin,
  • Three white-edged black bars on its head and sides,
  • Enlarged, white-spotted pelvic fins, and
  • White-spotted black margins on the second dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.

Banggai Cardinalfish Reproduction

During reproduction, the male Banggai Cardinalfish holds the eggs in its mouth.

The eggs and baby fish (larvae) stay there until they grow to about 8mm in length. The adult fish form pairs when they mate and lay eggs.

There’s no planktonic period for newly hatched larvae.

Banggai Cardinalfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Pterapogon kauderni
Also Known As:Banggai Cardinalfish
Conservation Status:Endangered

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