Red-knobbed Starfish (A Few Interesting Facts)

Red-knobbed Starfish

The Red-knobbed Starfish, known scientifically as Protoreaster lincki, is a unique species of starfish. It’s also called the Red Knob Sea Star, Red Spine Star, African Sea Star, or the African Red Knob Sea Star.

Red-knobbed Starfish is a real wonder of the ocean, and it comes from the Indian Ocean.

What Does the Red-knobbed Starfish Look Like?

Imagine a starfish with a body that’s gray and has red stripes. Now, picture that starfish with five arms that have bright red bumps sticking up from them. That’s what the Red-knobbed Starfish looks like!

Red-knobbed Starfish is a large starfish too, with a size that can reach up to 12 inches in diameter.

The red bumps on its arms, called tubercles, are connected by the red stripes on its body. This makes the starfish look like it has a grid made of wires on its body.

Inside the Red-knobbed Starfish, there’s a skeleton made of many tiny bone-like pieces called ossicles and spicules.

These are tucked inside a layer of tissue that helps to hold up the Red-knobbed Starfish’s big central disk.

Where Can the Red-knobbed Starfish Be Found?

The Red-knobbed Starfish is mostly found along the African coast and Madagascar, and also up to India and Sri Lanka.

There’s even a small group of them that lives in Coral Bay, located in Western Australia.

Preferred Habitat

Red-knobbed Starfish likes to live in places where the seafloor is sandy or muddy. This makes it easier for them to look for and find food.

The Red-knobbed Starfish are found in places as shallow as tidal pools, but they can also live in deeper parts of the ocean, going down to about 330 feet deep.

What Does the Red-knobbed Starfish Eat?

The Red-knobbed Starfish is a carnivore, which means it eats meat. Its diet includes a variety of sea creatures.

It’s active during both the day and night, searching for food like soft corals, sponges, tube worms, clams, and even other starfish.

How Does the Red-knobbed Starfish Interact with Other Sea Creatures?

People who keep aquariums need to be careful with the Red-knobbed Starfish. That’s because it will eat many other types of sea creatures.

So, if you put Red-knobbed Starfish in an aquarium with soft corals, sponges, tube worms, clams, other starfish, and similar creatures, it might eat them.

What Threats Does the Red-knobbed Starfish Face?

People catch the Red-knobbed Starfish to sell them. This is part of the curios trade, where people buy and sell interesting and unusual things.

Because of this, the number of Red-knobbed Starfish is getting smaller. This is a big problem for this starfish and the places where it lives.

Red-knobbed Starfish Characteristics

Reef Safe?No
Maximum Size:30 cm (11.8 in)

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Protoreaster linckii
Also Known As:Red-knobbed Starfish, Red Knob Sea Star, Red Spine Star, African Sea Star, African Red Knob Sea Star
Conservation Status:Unknown

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