Cortez Angelfish: Some Very Interesting Facts

Cortez Angelfish

Cortez Angelfish, with the scientific name Pomacanthus zonipectus, is a marine fish with ray-like fins.

It belongs to the family Pomacanthidae and comes from the Eastern Pacific. Sometimes, this fish is used in aquariums.

Cortez angelfish is active during the day and feeds mainly on sponges, but also eats tunicates, algae, bryozoans, hydroids, and eggs.

Adult fish often swim around the reef in pairs or loose groups, while young fish are more territorial and prefer to be alone.

This fish lays eggs (oviparous) and forms monogamous pairs for breeding.

Breeding happens from midsummer to early fall, and young fish are most commonly found from August to November.

However, the cortez angelfish is not considered reef safe, meaning it may cause damage to coral reefs in an aquarium setting.

Cortez Angelfish Interesting Facts

  • Cortez angelfish is a species of marine angelfish found in the Eastern Pacific.
  • It has a varied diet, including sponges, tunicates, algae, bryozoans, hydroids, and eggs.
  • Adults often swim together, while young ones are solitary and territorial.
  • They breed during midsummer to early fall, with their fry population being the highest from August through November.
  • Cortez angelfish are not safe for reef aquariums.

Cortez Angelfish Habitat

Cortez angelfish is found in the Eastern Pacific, from the Gulf of California (Puerto Peñasco) and north of Bahía Magdalena (Bahía San Juanico) in Mexico, all the way to Peru.

This fish lives near coral reefs. It does not migrate and is typically found at depths between 6 and 12 meters (about 20 to 40 feet).

Cortez angelfish is a tropical fish that is found in areas with a latitude of 32°N.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Cortez Angelfish Physical Characteristics

Size: Common Length: 10.2 inches (26.0 centimeters), Max Length: 18.1 inches (46.0 centimeters)

Cortez angelfish can grow up to a maximum of 46 centimeters long.

However, its common length is 26 centimeters.

Cortez Angelfish Reproduction

There is a theory that cortez angelfish show protogyny, which means that some individuals change from female to male during their lifetime.

However, this theory still needs to be confirmed through further research.

This fish is also known to have monogamous mating habits, meaning they form pairs and mate exclusively with one partner.

This behavior can be observed in two ways:

  1. Facultative, where they choose to form pairs, and
  2. Social, where they naturally form pairs within their community.

Cortez Angelfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Pomacanthus zonipectus
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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