Convict Blenny [Some Interesting Facts]

Convict Blenny

Convict Blenny, also known as the Engineer Blenny, or Engineer Goby, has the scientific name Pholidichthys leucotaenia.

It’s a marine fish from the west-central Pacific Ocean. Despite its name, it’s not actually a blenny or goby but belongs to the family Pholidichthyidae.

This fish lives in shallow lagoons and coastal reefs. It forms groups and is found hiding under ledges or near coral heads.

Convict blennies swim closely together to look like one big creature. Young convict blennies resemble venomous striped catfish called Plotosus lineatus.

Adult fish live secretly within reefs and have striped or spotted color patterns. This species is safe for reef aquariums.

Convict Blenny Interesting Facts

  • Convict blenny or Engineer goby isn’t a true goby, but belongs to the Pholidichthyidae family.
  • These fish mimic large creatures by swimming closely together in groups.
  • They inhabit tropical reef environments from the Philippines to the Solomon Islands, excluding Australia.
  • They grow up to 13.4 inches (34.0 centimeters) long and have distinct fin ray counts on dorsal and anal fins.

Convict Blenny Habitat

Convict blenny, also known by its scientific name Pholidichthys leucotaenia, is a fish found in the western central Pacific region.

Its habitat ranges from the Philippines to the Solomon Islands but is not seen in Australia.

This marine fish typically lives in reef environments at depths of 3 to 30 meters (10 to 20 meters).

It can survive in the tropical climate and prefer water temperature between 71.6°F to 82.4°F (22°C to 28°C).

The geographic location of this species stretches from 21°N to 27°S latitude and between 109°E to 168°E longitude.

Water Temperature:71.6°F to 82.4°F (22°C to 28°C)
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Convict Blenny Physical Characteristics

Size: 13.4 inches (34.0 centimeters)

Convict blenny grows up to 13.4 inches (34.0 centimeters) long.

This fish has 72 to 79 soft rays on its dorsal (top) fin and 54 to 62 soft rays on its anal (bottom) fin.

Convict Blenny Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Pholidichthys leucotaenia
Also Known As:Convict Blenny, Engineer Blenny, Engineer Goby
Conservation Status:Unknown

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