Wolf Cichlid (A Beginner’s Guide)

Wolf Cichlid

The Wolf Cichlid, or Parachromis dovii, is a type of fish found in Central America. It lives in lakes, rivers, and streams in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Wolf Cichlid is one of the biggest cichlids, growing up to 31 pounds and 2.6 feet long. It mainly eats other fish but also consumes crustaceans and insects.

Wolf Cichlids are important for local fishing industries because they are popular gamefish. People sometimes keep them in aquariums too.

These cichlids can live in lakes or lower and middle river valleys and like to dig caverns. When it comes to eating Wolf Cichlids, people often make fillets or bake them.

Wolf Cichlid Interesting Facts

  • Wolf Cichlid, scientifically known as Parachromis dovii, is a large Central American fish that can grow up to 2.6 feet and weigh 31 pounds.
  • This species primarily feeds on other fish but also eats crustaceans and insects.
  • Wolf Cichlids are popular gamefish and can be kept in aquariums. They are often found living near the bottom of rivers in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.
  • These cichlids lay around 1000 to 1500 eggs and reach maturity at 15 months old when they are about 20 cm long.

Wolf Cichlid Habitat

The Wolf Cichlid is a freshwater fish found in Central America.

It lives near the bottom of rivers, specifically on the Atlantic side from Honduras’ Aguan River to Costa Rica’s Moín River and on the Pacific side from Honduras’ Yeguare River to Costa Rica’s Bebedero River.

Wolf Cichlid is known to migrate within freshwater systems (potamodromous). The ideal pH for its habitat ranges around 7.0, but the exact range is unknown. The water hardness (dH) should be between 0 and 20. The preferred temperature for this tropical species ranges from 69.8°F to 98.6°F (21°C to 37°C).

Water Temperature:69.8°F to 98.6°F (21°C to 37°C)
Water pH:7.0 pH
Water Hardness:0 to 20 dH

Wolf Cichlid Physical Characteristics

Size: 28.3 inches (72.0 centimeters)

The Wolf Cichlid reaches maturity when it’s about 20 cm long, but its full-size range isn’t well known.

The maximum length recorded for a male Wolf Cichlid is 72 cm, and the heaviest one found weighed 6.8 kg.

Wolf Cichlid Reproduction

The Wolf Cichlid is a fish that lays around 1000 to 1500 eggs.

Male Wolf Cichlids show kindness toward other species’ males when caring for their young.

Wolf Cichlid Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Parachromis dovii
Also Known As:Wolf Cichlid
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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