Neon Tetra [Interesting Facts, Habitat, Appearance, Etc.]

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra, scientifically known as Paracheirodon innesi, is a small freshwater fish from the Characin family.

It lives in the Amazon basin’s blackwater and clearwater streams in South America.

These fish is known for their bright colors that help them see each other in dark waters.

Neon tetras are very popular among aquarium enthusiasts and are one of the most commonly kept tropical fish worldwide.

They should be kept in groups of at least six since they are shoaling fish.

Also, they are popular among aquarists for their peaceful nature and easily get along with other non-aggressive fish species.

Neon tetras’ diet includes worms, insects, crustaceans, and plants.

To keep them happy and healthy, keep them in an aquarium that is at least 60 cm long and with their own kind.

Neon Tetra Interesting Facts

  • Neon Tetras are known for their bright colors, helping them see each other in dark waters.
  • They are native to South America’s Amazon basin and thrive in water with a pH of 5.0 to 7.0.
  • In aquariums, they should be kept in groups of at least six for socialization and optimal health.
  • Their diet consists of worms, insects, crustaceans, and plants.

Neon Tetra Habitat

Neon tetra is a freshwater fish native to South America. It’s found in the blackwater or clearwater tributaries of the Solimões River.

This fish prefers to live near the surface (pelagic) and thrives in water with a pH range of 5.0 to 7.0 and a hardness (dH) range of 1 to 2.

Neon tetras enjoy tropical water temperatures between 68°F to 79°F (20°C to 26°C).

Water Temperature:68°F to 79°F (20°C to 26°C)
Water pH:5.0 to 7.0 pH
Water Hardness:1 to 2 dH

Neon Tetra Physical Characteristics

Size: 0.9 inches (2.2 centimeters)

Neon tetra grows up to 0.9 inches (2.2 centimeters) long.

Neon Tetra Reproduction

Neon tetras are easy to breed.

They are oviparous, meaning the female fish lay eggs to reproduce. In an aquarium set-up, females lay a few eggs that hatch within 24 hours.

Neon Tetra Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Paracheirodon innesi
Also Known As:Neon Tetra
Conservation Status:Unknown

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