Padina sanctae-crucis – The Complete Guide

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Padina sanctae-crucis is a species of brown macroalgae in the family Dictyotaceae.

It’s a tropical brown algae species native to the south pacific that belongs to the Padina genus.

This alga includes sexual reproduction and spore-producing asexual reproduction which is moved with the tide until the spores plant themselves on a hard rocky substrate.

Other habitats include rocks and shell fragments in the shallow sublittoral, seagrass meadows, mangrove roots, and coral reefs on tidal flats.


This unique algae forms curled, fanlike branches from a single stalk. The plant is about 15 cm tall. Blades are often irregularly split and branched.

The upper surfaces of the fans are calcified and whitened, but the rest of the plant is brownish. All the branches are crossed by closely set growth lines.

Where Is Padina sanctae-crucis Found?

Padina sanctae-crucis prefers tropical waters and is found in most of the world’s tropical waters. This includes Florida, the Caribbean Sea, Brazil, and the south pacific.

This alga tends to thrive in Rock pools in intertidal to subtidal zones on rocky substrates, especially on reef flats up to 10m in depth.

Uses of Padina sanctae-crucis

Padina sanctae-crucis has various uses, both as a food source and for its potential medicinal properties.

Food Source

Since Padina sanctae-crucis is used in food, it’s known to be rich in fatty acids, which are an excellent source of nutrients for mammals.

Medicinal Properties

Extracts of this seaweed have been found to have anticarcinogenic and cytotoxic activity.

For example, an organic extract shows toxicity to the oral epidermoid carcinoma cell line KB with a minimal infective dose of 6.5 µg/ml.

Padina sanctae-crucis was also concluded to be an excellent absorbent for removing MV dyes from aqueous solutions.

You can check out what this plant looks like over here.

Padina sanctae-crucis Characteristics

Care Level:Expert
Growth Rate:Slow
Nutrient Uptake:Fair
Required Lighting:Moderate High
Required Water Flow:Moderate High
Is Palatable?No
Maximum Size:~6 in (15.2 cm)

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Padina sanctae-crucis
Also Known As:White Scroll Algae
Conservation Status:Unknown

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