Zebra Oto (Everything You Should Know)

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Zebra Oto, also known as the Tiger Oto or Zebra Dwarf Sucker, belongs to the Otocinclus genus and the Loricariidae family.

This fish comes from Peru. It can be found in medium-sized creeks with clear water and lots of plants growing along the edges.

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Zebra Oto Interesting Facts

  • Zebra oto is a small fish species of the Otocinclus genus found in Peru.
  • This fish lives in streams with lush vegetation and clear water.
  • It has several common names, like zebra dwarf sucker and tiger oto.
  • Zebra oto is relatively peaceful and can make a great addition to an aquarium if you are looking for a smaller, easy-to-care-for fish species.

Zebra Oto Habitat

Zebra oto is found primarily in Peru in South America. It lives in freshwater habitats that are warm all year round.

Zebra oto lives at the bottom of the water.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Zebra Oto Physical Characteristics

Size: 1.7 inches (4.4 centimeters)

Zebra oto can grow up to 4.4 cm (1.73 inches) on maturation. It has some unique features that set it apart from other similar fish.

Zebra oto has a special color pattern made up of vertical blotches that run from the top middle part of its body down to the bottom edges.

It has a complete lateral line (a sensory system along the sides of the fish) without any gaps, which is different from other Otocinclus fish.

Zebra oto also has a high number of teeth, with 30 to 45 in the upper jaw (premaxilla) and 23 to 36 in the lower jaw (dentary).

This fish differs from its close relatives (Otocinclus huaorani, Otocinclus mura, and Otocinclus bororo) due to the presence of a small channel in the metapterygoid bone (part of the fish’s skull) and one W-shaped mark in the tail fin.

As for its fins, the zebra oto has 2 dorsal (top) spines, 7 dorsal (top) soft rays, 1 anal (bottom) spine, 5 anal (bottom) soft rays, and a total of 28 vertebrae (backbone segments).

Zebra Oto Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Otocinclus cocama
Also Known As:Zebra Oto, Tiger Oto, Zebra Dwarf Sucker
Conservation Status:Endangered

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