Redlip Blenny [Diet, Habitat, Reproduction, and Appearance]

Redlip Blenny

Redlip Blenny, also known as Horseface Blenny, is a type of combtooth blenny fish found mainly in the western central Atlantic Ocean.

This fish lives in shallow coral reefs and is very territorial. It has two sharp teeth to defend its territory.

Adult redlip blennies are found at depths of 10 to 20 meters. They have large red lips and mostly feed on algae.

Besides algae, they also feed on detritus (waste). Their bite can be quite severe due to their long teeth.

Male adult fish have special features on their anal-fin spines that produce mucus to protect the eggs they guard.

Redlip blennies are reef-safe and don’t pose any significant threats to coral reefs.

Redlip Blenny Interesting Facts

  • Redlip blennies have large red lips and long, sharp teeth for defending their territory.
  • They primarily eat algae and detritus (waste) found in shallow coral reef environments.
  • During the larval stage, they rely on stored fat from their liver for energy while transforming into adults.

Redlip Blenny Habitat

Redlip blenny lives in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. You can find it near islands and along the West African coast, from Senegal to Angola.

It’s a marine fish that lives in areas with strong waves near rocks and coral reefs. It’s found at depths of 50 meters or more.

This tropical fish is commonly seen between 40°N to 35°S latitude and 99°W to 15°E longitude.

Redlip blennies are often found in deep water as larvae but stay close to shallow waters as adults.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Redlip Blenny Physical Characteristics

Size: 7.5 inches (19.0 centimeters)

Redlip blenny grows up to 7.5 inches (19.0 centimeters) in length. It has 12 to 13 dorsal spines, 21 to 23 dorsal soft rays, 2 anal spines, and 24 anal soft rays.

Its head’s shape is vertical in front of the eyes and sticks out past the snout.

This fish has a dark reddish-brown color on its head, body, and anal fin, but sometimes it appears pale pinkish gray.

Its lips and parts of its pectoral and tail fins are red.

When they are young (larvae), these fish have mouths at the end of their bodies with fang-like teeth for eating plankton.

As adults, their teeth change to comb-like structures and their mouths move to the bottom side for feeding on creatures living at the bottom of the water.

Male redlip blennies develop rough skin on their anal-fin spines that produce protective mucus against harmful microbes.

Redlip Blenny Reproduction

Redlip blenny lays eggs, which makes it oviparous. This fish forms unique pairs for reproduction.

The species lays sticky eggs that attach to surfaces using a filament-like structure.

Larvae eat plankton before transforming into adults, during which time they don’t eat but rely on stored fat from their liver for energy.

These fish are often found in deep water as larvae but stay close to shallow waters as adults.

Redlip Blenny Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Ophioblennius atlanticus
Also Known As:Redlip Blenny, Horseface Blenny
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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