Tiger Snake Eel [A Few Fascinating Facts]

Tiger Snake Eel

Tiger Snake Eel, also known as Ocellate Snake Eel or Spotted Snake Eel, is a marine eel found in the Indo-Pacific region. It belongs to the Ophichthidae family.

This eel is found in the aquarium trade but isn’t very common.

Tiger Snake Eels live in sandy areas near reefs and lagoons. They stay buried in the sand most of the time. At night, they may gather in large groups under lights.

These eels come out of the sand when searching for food like small fish and crustaceans.

Tiger Snake Eels are usually alone and more active during nighttime hours. However, they are not safe for reef aquariums.

Tiger Snake Eel Interesting Facts

  • Tiger Snake Eel is native to the Indo-Pacific region and can grow up to 39.4 inches (100.0 centimeters) in length, but it’s usually found around 19.7 inches (50.0 centimeters) long.
  • This eel often stays buried in sandy areas near reefs and lagoons, becoming more active at night when hunting for small fish and crustaceans.
  • Though found in the aquarium trade, Tiger Snake Eel isn’t a common choice due to its potential danger to reef aquariums.

Tiger Snake Eel Habitat

Tiger Snake Eel lives in the Indo-Pacific region. Its habitat ranges from the Red Sea and East Africa to the central Pacific Ocean. However, it’s not found in Hawaii or the Leeward Islands.

Instead, in the Hawaiian Islands, you will find another species called Myrichthys magnificus.

Tiger Snake Eel is a marine creature that lives near reefs and is found at depths of 0 to 262 meters (about 860 feet). It thrives in tropical waters within latitudes of 30°N to 33°S.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Tiger Snake Eel Physical Characteristics

Size: 19.7 inches (50.0 centimeters)

Tiger Snake Eel can grow up to a maximum length of 39.4 inches (100.0 centimeters), but it’s more commonly found at around 19.7 inches (50.0 centimeters) long.

It doesn’t have any dorsal spines or rays, anal spines, or anal soft rays. This eel has a pale cream color and features black spots of various sizes with thin white spaces between them.

Young Tiger Snake Eels may have black stripes.

The head of Tiger Snake Eel is about 12 to 15 times smaller than its total length, while its body depth is about 33 to 46 times smaller.

The tail is approximately 1.7 times shorter than the whole eel’s length. These eels have short pectoral fins and a dorsal fin that starts before the gill opening. The jaws contain two rows of blunt teeth.

Tiger Snake Eels’ behavior is similar to that of other snake eels like Myrichthys colubrinus and Leiuranus semicinctus.

Tiger Snake Eel Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Myrichthys maculosus
Also Known As:Tiger Snake Eel, Ocellate Snake Eel, Spotted Snake Eel
Conservation Status:Unknown

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