Horseshoe Leatherjacket (Some Interesting Facts)

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Horseshoe Leatherjacket, also known by its scientific name Meuschenia hippocrepis, is a type of filefish found in the eastern Indian Ocean.

Specifically, it lives in the cooler waters off the southern and western coasts of Australia.

Horseshoe Leatherjacket has a unique horseshoe-shaped marking on its side, giving this fish its common name. This fish is sometimes sold in the aquarium trade but is not reef-safe.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Horseshoe Leatherjacket Interesting Facts

  • Horseshoe Leatherjacket inhabit the cooler waters of the eastern Indian Ocean, specifically off the southern and western coasts of Australia.
  • Unique horseshoe-shaped markings on their sides make them easily identifiable.
  • They grow up to 20.1 inches (51.0 centimeters) long and are found at depths of around 120 meters (394 feet).
  • Despite being sold in the aquarium trade, they are not reef-safe.

Horseshoe Leatherjacket Habitat

Horseshoe Leatherjacket is found in the Eastern Indian Ocean, specifically in Australia (from southern Western Australia to Victoria and Tasmania).

It lives in marine environments near the sea floor. The depth range for this fish is around 120 meters (394 feet), and it prefers temperate waters.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Horseshoe Leatherjacket Physical Characteristics

Size: 20.1 inches (51.0 centimeters)

Horseshoe Leatherjacket grows up to 20.1 inches (51.0 centimeters) long.

Horseshoe Leatherjacket Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Meuschenia hippocrepis
Also Known As:Horseshoe Leatherjacket
Conservation Status:Unknown

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