Mayan Cichlid [Some Interesting Facts]

Mayan Cichlid

Mayan Cichlid, also known as Mexican Mojarra, is a species of cichlid. It lives in freshwater marshes and mangrove swamps.

Adult Mayan Cichlids like coastal lagoons and rivers, and they can handle saltwater conditions. Their diet consists of small fish and large invertebrates.

Mayan Cichlid Interesting Facts

  • Mayan Cichlids (Mayaheros urophthalmus) can live in both freshwater and brackish environments, with adults tolerating saltwater conditions.
  • They have a diverse diet, consuming small fish and large invertebrates.
  • These tropical fish prefer temperatures between 82°F to 91°F (28°C to 33°C) and are found in Central America from Mexico to Nicaragua.
  • Mayan Cichlids grow up to a maximum length of 15.5 inches (39.4 centimeters) long, weigh up to 1.1 kg, and lay as many as 600 eggs at once.

Mayan Cichlid Habitat

Mayan Cichlid is found in Central America, from Mexico to Nicaragua. It lives in both brackish and freshwater environments near the bottom (benthopelagic).

Its depth range starts at 2 meters, but the maximum depth is unknown.

Mayan Cichlid prefers temperatures between 82°F to 91°F (28°C to 33°C) and is found in tropical regions between 27°N to 11°N latitude and 98°W to 80°W longitude.

Water Temperature:82°F to 91°F (28°C to 33°C)
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Mayan Cichlid Physical Characteristics

Size: 15.5 inches (39.4 centimeters)

Mayan Cichlid usually matures when it reaches about 13.2 cm in length, but can range between 10 to 19 cm.

The biggest recorded Mayan cichlid was 15.5 inches (39.4 centimeters) long and weighed up to 1.1 kg.

Mayan Cichlid Reproduction

Mayan Cichlids can lay up to 600 eggs at once. They lay eggs on the bottom of both fresh and brackish water areas.

Mayan Cichlid Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Mayaheros urophthalmus
Also Known As:Mayan Cichlid, Mexican Mojarra
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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