Boxer Crab (The Complete Guide)

Boxer Crab

The Boxer Crab, also known as Lybia tessellata, is a small crab in the family of Xanthidae.

It’s also called the Pom-pom Crab because it carries a sea anemone in each claw, which looks like pom-poms or boxing gloves.

Boxer Crab is found in the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean, in the shallow parts.

What Does the Boxer Crab Look Like?

The Boxer Crab is a small crab. It grows to a width of about 2.5 cm or 1 inch. The shape of its carapace (hard shell) is like a trapezoid, and it has a tooth-shaped thing on each side, just behind its eyes.

The Boxer Crab’s carapace has a network of dark lines that divide it into different colored areas. It looks like stained glass.

What About the Claws and Legs of The Boxer Crab?

Unlike other crabs, the Boxer Crab’s chelipeds (claws) are not broad. They are slim and each one has a fine finger with eight or nine spines.

Boxer Crab also has four pairs of walking legs. The first pair is smaller than the rest. All the legs are bigger than the claws.

The legs have dark bands, white spots, and a few short hair. The ends of the legs have long, thin claws.

Where Is the Boxer Crab Found?

The Boxer Crab is found in the tropical Indo-Pacific region. This region includes the Red Sea, East African coast, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

Boxer Crabs live in shallow water on sandy and gravelly seabeds. They are also found on live corals where they cling with their long, thin legs.

The Boxer Crab is well camouflaged, which means it hides well in its surroundings.

What Does the Boxer Crab Eat?

The Boxer Crab is an omnivore, which means it eats both plants and animals. It carries a small sea anemone in each claw.

When the Boxer Crab moves around, it holds its claws out straight. If a predator comes near, the crab will threaten it with the sea anemone.

The sea anemone has tentacles with stinging cells. The Boxer Crab uses these tentacles to collect food.

How Does the Boxer Crab Reproduce?

The female Boxer Crab carries red eggs on her abdomen. She looks after the eggs until they hatch.

Can the Boxer Crab Be Kept in An Aquarium?

The Boxer Crab is a good choice for a reef aquarium. Its small size and hidden look may make it better for a small aquarium tank where you can see it better.

It gets along with most other tank animals but can be attacked by fish that eat other fish.

The Boxer Crab is a shy crab. It’s easier to find at night when the tank lights are off.

Boxer Crab Characteristics

Reef Safe?With caution
Care Level:Somewhat Easy

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Lybia tessellata
Also Known As:Boxer Crab, Pom-pom Crab
Conservation Status:Unknown

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