Montipora capricornis (Cap Coral) – The Complete Guide

Montipora capricornis

Montipora capricornis is a kind of small, stony coral. Some people also call it Leaf Plate Montipora, Vase Coral, Cap Coral, or Plating Montipora.

Montipora capricornis is part of the Acroporidae family. This family has many types of corals, but Montipora capricornis is one of the most common.

How Does Montipora capricornis Look?

Montipora capricornis forms flat, plating colonies. That means it spreads out in flat layers. It keeps expanding by adding to its base and spreading out more.

You can see individual polyps, or small bumps, on the surface of the skeleton. At night, these polyps come out of the skeleton to eat tiny sea creatures called plankton.

What Is the Color of Montipora capricornis?

The polyps of Montipora capricornis are usually see-through. They might have some patches of color.

This color comes from zooxanthellae, which is a kind of algae. These algae live inside Montipora capricornis’s tissue. The Montipora capricornis coral itself can be purple, blue, or brown.

Where Does Montipora capricornis Live?

Montipora capricornis is a very common type of coral. You can find it in the Indian and Pacific oceans, and in reefs in the Red Sea.

Montipora capricornis likes to live in the top half of the reef where it can get sunlight for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is how plants and some animals use sunlight to make food.

What Kind of Habitat Does Montipora capricornis Like?

Montipora capricornis likes to branch out from its base into areas with plenty of sunlight.

Montipora capricornis also likes to live in coral reefs and enjoys warm, sunny weather. Most of the time, you can find it in lagoons.

Can Montipora capricornis Live in Aquariums?

Yes, Montipora capricornis can live in aquariums. It’s one of the more common types of small, stony coral that you can find in the pet trade.

Montipora capricornis comes in many colors, like red, green, and orange. This makes it a popular choice for aquariums.

What Are the Requirements for Keeping Montipora capricornis in An Aquarium?

Montipora capricornis is a good choice for beginners because it’s more tolerant of less-than-perfect conditions than some other corals.

If you want to keep Montipora capricornis in an aquarium, here are a few things you’ll need to do:

  1. Keep the water temperature steady between 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C).
  2. Provide strong lighting, like the kind you get from metal halides.
  3. Make sure the coral has plenty of space to spread out.

What Makes Montipora capricornis Unique?

Montipora capricornis has a few features that make it unique. Its colonies are flat plates in tiers or whorls.

Sometimes, it forms irregularly twisted layers, or it can encrust or form columns. The corallites, or the skeleton of the coral, are immersed.

Montipora capricornis doesn’t have any tuberculae or papillae, which are kinds of small bumps. The coenosteum, or the tissue between the corallites, is coarse.

Is Montipora capricornis Similar to Other Corals?

Yes, Montipora capricornis is similar to some other corals. For example, it’s similar to Montipora turgescens, which has smaller corallites and a finer coenosteum.

It’s also similar to Montipora florida and Montipora friabilis, which have much more delicate, thinner fronds and smaller corallites.

But despite these similarities, each of these corals is unique in its own way.

Montipora capricornis Characteristics

Care Level:Moderate

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Montipora capricornis
Also Known As:Vase Coral, Cap Coral, Plating Montipora
Conservation Status:Unknown

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