Goldentail Moray [All Interesting Facts]

Goldentail Moray

Goldentail Moray, also known as the Conger Moray, is a type of marine eel belonging to the Muraenidae family.

It’s a bottom-dwelling and solitary creature that lives in coral reefs and rocky shorelines, usually at depths of 60 meters.

This eel is one of the most common and easily recognized species in West Indian reefs.

Goldentail Moray is active during daytime hours and may even hunt with other predators. In the past, it was referred to as Muraena miliaris.

You need to be cautious while adding this eel in a reef environment as it may eat fish and shrimp.

Goldentail Moray Interesting Facts

  • Goldentail Moray inhabits coral reefs and rocky shorelines at depths up to 60 meters.
  • This species is active during the day, often hunting alongside other predators.
  • Found in Western and Eastern Atlantic regions, it thrives in subtropical conditions.
  • Grows up to a maximum length of 27.6 inches (70.0 centimeters) and reproduces by laying eggs.

Goldentail Moray Habitat

Goldentail Moray lives in the Western Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, southern Florida, the Antilles, and southeast Brazil.

It’s also found in the Eastern Atlantic at St. Paul’s Rocks, Cape Verde, Ascension, and St. Helena islands, as well as mid-Atlantic islands.

This marine creature prefers reef-associated habitats with a depth range of 0 to 60 meters (usually 0 to 35 meters).

It thrives in subtropical conditions between latitudes of 41°N to 26°S and longitudes of 99°W to 5°W.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Goldentail Moray Physical Characteristics

Size: 15.7 inches (40.0 centimeters)

Goldentail Morays can grow up to 27.6 inches (70.0 centimeters) long but typically reach around 15.7 inches (40.0 centimeters).

Goldentail Moray Reproduction

Goldentail Moray reproduces by laying eggs, which is called oviparous.

Goldentail Moray Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Gymnothorax miliaris
Also Known As:Goldentail Moray, Conger Moray
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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