Dwarf Moray [All You Need to Know]

Dwarf Moray

Dwarf Moray, also known as Blackspot Moray or Dirty Yellow Moray, is a type of moray eel found in the Indo-Pacific region. Sometimes, people keep it in aquariums.

This eel lives on the ocean floor (benthic). It likes to hide in holes and cracks within coral reefs, from shallow water down to 26 meters deep.

Dwarf Morays usually live alone, hidden away, making them difficult to spot. These eels are safe for reef environments.

Dwarf Moray Interesting Facts

  • Dwarf Moray thrives in warm waters and inhabits coral reefs from East Africa to Hawaii.
  • It grows up to 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters) long, with a golden color that ranges from brown to bright yellow.
  • This eel has 132 to 149 vertebrae and unique cone-shaped teeth without canines.
  • They are solitary creatures, hiding in holes within coral reefs, making them hard to spot.

Dwarf Moray Habitat

Dwarf Moray is a small, tropical marine eel found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Its habitat stretches from East Africa to the Marquesas and Mangaréva islands, north up to Hawaii, and south down to the Austral Islands.

This eel lives in reef environments at depths of 1 to 58 meters (3 to 190 feet) and thrives in warm waters between 28°N to 25°S latitude.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Dwarf Moray Physical Characteristics

Size: 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters)

Dwarf Moray grows up to 11.8 inches (30.0 centimeters) long. It has a golden color with a dark spot around its gill opening.

Its color can vary from brown to bright yellow, and it has deep blue eyes. Dwarf Moray doesn’t have any dorsal or anal spines or soft rays, but it does have 132 to 149 vertebrae.

It has short cone-shaped teeth like those of the G. fuscomaculatus and G. marshallensis species.

The key features of Dwarf Morays are:

  • Body depth at the gill opening is 13% to 20% of the total length,
  • The dorsal fin starts halfway between the gill opening and the mouth corner,
  • Anus is located toward the front part of the body,
  • Teeth are small and stout without canines,
  • A single row of teeth at the front of the upper jaw with 1 to 2 median teeth,
  • Two rows of teeth on each side of the upper jaw, with longer and more slender inner row teeth, and
  • Larger teeth at the front of the lower jaw.

Dwarf Moray Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Gymnothorax melatremus
Also Known As:Dwarf Moray, Blackspot Moray, Dirty Yellow Moray
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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