Kidako Moray [Beginner’s Guide]

Kidako Moray

Kidako Moray is a type of marine eel in the Muraenidae family. It lives in coral reefs or lagoons near Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

This eel is more active during the day and eats fish, octopus, and squid. There are around 200 other types of moray eels in its family.

Kidako Morays don’t attack people unless bothered. However, divers and snorkelers are often scared by their appearance.

They live on the ocean floor and are found hiding in shallow reefs. Sometimes they steal food from divers.

In certain parts of Japan, people eat this eel as a meal.

Kidako Morays are not safe for coral reefs.

Kidako Moray Interesting Facts

  • Kidako Morays are more active during the day, feeding on fish, octopuses, and squid.
  • They inhabit coral reefs and lagoons in the western central Pacific region, including Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.
  • Although not aggressive toward humans unless provoked, their appearance can frighten divers and snorkelers.
  • These eels grow up to 36.0 inches (91.5 centimeters) long and live at depths ranging from 2 to 350 meters.

Kidako Moray Habitat

Kidako Moray is native to the western central Pacific region. It’s found in places like Japan, Taiwan, Ogasawara Islands, Hawaii, and the Society Islands.

This eel lives in marine environments and is commonly associated with reefs.

Its habitat ranges from shallow waters at 2 meters to deeper areas up to 350 meters. Kidako Moray thrives in tropical climates.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Kidako Moray Physical Characteristics

Size: 36.0 inches (91.5 centimeters)

Kidako Moray grows up to 36.0 inches (91.5 centimeters) long.

Kidako Moray Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Gymnothorax kidako
Also Known As:Kidako Moray
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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