Tiled Starfish (Fromia monilis) – Fascinating Facts

Tiled Starfish

The Tiled Starfish, known by its scientific name Fromia monilis, is a species of starfish.

Tiled Starfish is also called the Necklace Starfish. This creature is a part of the Goniasteridae family.

How Does the Tiled Starfish Look?

The Tiled Starfish can grow up to about 30 centimeters (12 in) in diameter. The tips of their arms and the center of their disc are bright red. The remaining parts are paler, forming large plates.

The appearance of Tiled Starfish can be quite varied, including their colors, plates, and the presence of plates on their central disc.

How Can the Tiled Starfish Be Identified?

Identifying the Tiled Starfish can be tricky. It’s often confused with other species, like the Fromia nodosa, because they look alike.

Photos sometimes make it difficult to tell them apart.

Where Can the Tiled Starfish Be Found?

Tiled Starfish are found in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. They live from the Andaman Islands all the way up to Australia and Japan.

What Does the Tiled Starfish Eat?

The diet of the Tiled Starfish includes encrusting sponges, detritus (waste or debris), and small invertebrates.

What Is the Tiled Starfish’s Role in Aquariums?

The Tiled Starfish is also kept in reef aquariums. It eats thin layers of algae on the surface of stones. This means it can only live in an old, well-cared-for aquarium.

If the algae don’t grow fast enough, the Tiled Starfish may die of starvation. It’s often hard to feed them enough if the algae aren’t growing fast enough.

What Is the Habitat of The Tiled Starfish?

The Tiled Starfish is found in shallow reef areas, at depths of 1 to 35 m. They’re particularly seen on reef slopes with rocky bottoms.

How Does the Tiled Starfish Reproduce?

The Tiled Starfish reproduces in two ways. It can reproduce asexually, through regeneration and cloning. It can also reproduce sexually.

The life cycle of the Tiled Starfish starts when embryos hatch into planktonic larvae.

These larvae then change into pentamorous juveniles, which develop into young sea stars with stubby arms.

What Is the Mating Behavior of The Tiled Starfish?

The class Asteroidea, to which the Tiled Starfish belongs, shows both asexual and gonochoric (sexual) means of reproduction.

This makes their mating behavior quite diverse.

Tiled Starfish Characteristics

Reef Safe?Yes
Care Level:Moderate
Maximum Size:15 cm (5.9 in)

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Fromia monilis
Also Known As:Tiled Starfish, Necklace Starfish
Conservation Status:Unknown

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