Twinspot Coralblenny [Habitat, Appearance, and Interesting Facts]

Twinspot Coralblenny

Twinspot Coralblenny, also known as Two-Spot Blenny, is a type of marine fish in the Blenniidae family.

It’s commonly found in tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, especially around the Philippines and northeast Borneo’s Sabah province.

Sometimes, this fish appears in aquariums and is also safe for coral reefs.

Twinspot Coralblenny Interesting Facts

  • Twinspot coralblennies, or Ecsenius bimaculatus, inhabit tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean.
  • They’re sometimes found in aquariums.
  • These fish lay adhesive eggs on surfaces and have planktonic larvae.
  • Males reach up to 1.8 inches (4.5 centimeters) in length, while females grow up to 1.1 inches (2.7 centimeters).

Twinspot Coralblenny Habitat

Twinspot coralblenny is found in the Western Pacific, specifically in the Philippines and northeast Borneo (Sabah), Malaysia.

This marine fish lives near reefs at depths of 1 to 15 meters.

Adult twinspot coralblennies live on reef crests and slopes with abundant corals at depths up to about 49 feet (15 m).

They’re usually solitary and often found near sponges and tunicates.

Twinspot coralblenny thrives in tropical waters with coordinates ranging from 19°N to 7°S and 112°E to 131°E.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Twinspot Coralblenny Physical Characteristics

Size: 1.8 inches (4.5 centimeters)

Twinspot coralblenny is a tiny fish. Male twinspot coralblenny is larger than their female counterparts.

Males grow up to 1.8 inches (4.5 centimeters) in total length, while females reach a maximum size of 1.1 inches (2.7 centimeters) long.

Twinspot Coralblenny Reproduction

Twinspot coralblenny fish is oviparous, meaning it lay eggs. This fish pairs up uniquely with another fish during reproduction.

It lay eggs that stick to surfaces using a filament-like adhesive pad. The larvae are planktonic and mostly seen in shallow coastal areas.

Twinspot Coralblenny Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Ecsenius bimaculatus
Also Known As:Twinspot Coralblenny, Two-Spot Blenny
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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