Dwarf Corydoras: The Ultimate Guide

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Dwarf Corydoras is a small freshwater fish that comes from South America, specifically from the Amazon River and Paraguay River basins in Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil.

It’s also known as the Dwarf Catfish, Tail Spot Pygmy Catfish, or Micro Catfish. It likes to live among plants and can be found in ponds.

The scientific name for this fish is Corydoras hastatus.

The name hastatus means with a spear, which refers to the spearhead-like spot on the tail root. This fish also forms small schools.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Dwarf Corydoras Interesting Facts

  • Dwarf corydoras are also known as dwarf catfish, tail spot pygmy catfish, or micro catfish.
  • The name “hastatus” refers to the spearhead-like spot on their tail root.
  • These fish live among aquatic plants and often form small schools. They can also be found in ponds.

Dwarf Corydoras Habitat

The dwarf corydoras is a small fish that lives in South America. It can be found in the Amazon and Paraguay River basins.

The fish has also been reported in the upper Paraña area.

This fish lives in freshwater environments near the bottom of the water (demersal).

It prefers a pH level between 6.0 and 8.0, a water hardness between 5 and 19 dH, and water temperatures between 77°F and 82°F (25°C and 28°C).

The dwarf corydoras is considered a subtropical fish.

Water Temperature:77°F to 82°F (25°C to 28°C)
Water pH:6.0 to 8.0 pH
Water Hardness:5 to 19 dH

Dwarf Corydoras Physical Characteristics

Size: 0.9 inches (2.4 centimeters)

Dwarf corydoras is a small fish. The maximum length of a dwarf corydoras is about 2.4 centimeters (0.9 inches), which is less than an inch.

Dwarf Corydoras Reproduction

When dwarf corydoras fish reproduce, the female holds 2 to 4 eggs between her pelvic fins.

The male then fertilizes the eggs for about 30 seconds. After that, the female finds a good spot to attach the very sticky eggs.

The fish couple repeats this process until around 100 eggs have been fertilized and attached.

However, there is also a belief that this species only lays one egg at a time.

Dwarf Corydoras Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Corydoras hastatus
Also Known As:Dwarf Corydoras, Dwarf Catfish, Tail Spot Pygmy Catfish, or Micro Catfish
Conservation Status:Unknown 

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