Springer’s Demoiselle (Explained for Beginners)

Springer's Demoiselle

Springer’s Demoiselle, scientifically known as Chrysiptera springeri, is a type of damselfish in the Pomacentridae family.

This fish lives in coral-rich areas within sheltered lagoons and coastal coral reefs.

Springer’s Demoiselles are often seen with other yellow-tailed species on the same coral patches.

They usually group together on coastal reef slopes that have low Acropora coral patches on sand, up to 30 meters deep.

These fish are active during the day (diurnal) and are safe for coral reefs.

Springer’s Demoiselle Interesting Facts

  • Springer’s Demoiselle thrives in coral-rich areas within sheltered lagoons and coastal coral reefs, primarily in the Western Pacific.
  • These small fish grow up to 2.2 inches (5.5 centimeters) long and display varying colors and markings depending on their location.
  • They lay eggs underwater and form distinct pairs during breeding, with males guarding the eggs and providing air.
  • Active during the day, Springer’s Demoiselles are safe for coral reefs and don’t migrate.

Springer’s Demoiselle Habitat

Springer’s Demoiselle is found in the Western Pacific, specifically in Indonesia (Moluccas and Flores) and the Philippines.

It lives in marine environments near coral reefs and doesn’t migrate.

Springer’s Demoiselle resides at depths of 4 to 30 meters. It prefers tropical waters with latitudes ranging from 21°N to 12°S and longitudes between 105°E to 138°E.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Springer’s Demoiselle Physical Characteristics

Size: 2.2 inches (5.5 centimeters)

Springer’s Demoiselle is a small fish that grows up to 2.2 inches (5.5 centimeters) long.

This fish has 11 to 13 dorsal spines, 10 to 11 dorsal soft rays, 2 anal spines, and 10 to 11 anal soft rays.

Springer’s Demoiselles display different colors depending on their location. They are generally blue with dark streaks on their scales.

In the Philippines, these markings are thicker. The body depth of these fish is about twice its length (1.9 to 2.1 times).

Springer’s Demoiselle Reproduction

Springer’s Demoiselles lay eggs to reproduce. During breeding, they form unique pairs.

The eggs are laid on the bottom of the water and stick to surfaces. Male Springer’s Demoiselles protect the eggs and help them get enough air.

Springer’s Demoiselle Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Chrysiptera springeri
Also Known As:Springer’s Demoiselle
Conservation Status:Unknown

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