Yellowspotted Chromis: A Stunning Addition to Your Aquarium!

Yellowspotted Chromis Featured Image

Yellowspotted Chromis, scientifically known as Chromis flavomaculata, is a marine found in the Western Pacific. Sometimes, it’s sold for aquariums.

This fish lives in coral reefs, boulder bottoms, and lava cliffs. Yellowspotted Chromis is often found swimming together in groups during the day.

It’s safe for reef aquariums.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Yellowspotted Chromis Interesting Facts

  • Yellowspotted Chromis (Chromis flavomaculata) grow up to 6.3 inches (16.0 centimeters) long and lives in the Western Pacific.
  • These fish thrive in coral reefs, boulder bottoms, and lava cliffs, swimming together in groups during the day.
  • During breeding, they pair up and lay sticky eggs on underwater surfaces, with males guarding and caring for them.
  • These fish are divided into two populations found in regions such as southern Japan, Taiwan, New Caledonia, and Australia’s east coast.

Yellowspotted Chromis Habitat

Yellowspotted Chromis is found in the Western Pacific and has two separate populations.

One population lives in southern Japan, the Ryukyu Islands, and Taiwan.

The other is found in the Coral Sea, New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, Lord Howe Island, and Australia’s east coast between Sydney and the southern Great Barrier Reef.

This fish has also been reported in New Zealand and Tonga. It lives in marine environments near reefs and doesn’t migrate.

Yellowspotted Chromis is found at depths of 6 to 40 meters (20 to 131 feet) and prefers subtropical waters with a latitude range of 35°N to 34°S.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Yellowspotted Chromis Physical Characteristics

Size: 6.3 inches (16.0 centimeters)

Yellowspotted Chromis grows up to 6.3 inches (16.0 centimeters) long.

It has 13 to 14 dorsal spines, 11 to 13 dorsal soft rays, 2 anal spines, and 10 to 11 anal soft rays.

Its body is mostly gray, but its tail has a hint of yellow. There’s also a noticeable black spot near the base of its side fin.

Yellowspotted Chromis Reproduction

Yellowspotted Chromis reproduces by laying eggs and pairs up during breeding.

The eggs stick to surfaces underwater. Male fish protect the eggs and help them get oxygen.

Yellowspotted Chromis Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Chromis flavomaculata
Also Known As:Yellowspotted Chromis
Conservation Status:Unknown

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