Chaetomorpha aerea (Tall Hair Alga) – All You Need to Know

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Chaetomorpha aerea is a type of green algae that belongs to the Cladophoraceae family.

It’s found in many parts of the world, including New Zealand and Australia.

This alga is often found growing in rock pools in the mid-high eulittoral or supralittoral zones of the ocean.

What Is the Relationship Between Chaetomorpha aerea and Chaetomorpha linum?

Some scientists believe that Chaetomorpha aerea and Chaetomorpha linum are the same species, or conspecific.

This means that they think the two types of algae are actually just one species with different names.

However, other scientists don’t agree with this idea and think that the two types of algae are separate species.

The genus, or group of species, that Chaetomorpha aerea belongs to is still being studied and needs more research to fully understand its classification.

What Does Chaetomorpha aerea Looks Like?

Chaetomorpha aerea is a bright green color and grows in filaments that can be up to 10 cm tall.

The filaments are made up of cells that are shaped like barrels or cylinders.

The cells near the base of the filament are usually between 150 and 200 micrometers in diameter, while the cells in the upper part of the filament are larger, with diameters between 200 and 300 micrometers.

The cells are connected by thin walls and contain chloroplasts, which are structures inside the cell that help with photosynthesis.

How Does Chaetomorpha aerea Attaches to Surfaces?

Chaetomorpha aerea attaches to surfaces by using its basal cell, which can be up to 1 mm long.

The basal cell has spreading lobes and rhizoids, which are like tiny roots that help the algae stick to rocks, sand, or other surfaces.

Sometimes, Chaetomorpha aerea is be found growing on other plants, like the seagrass Posidonia.

Where Is Chaetomorpha aerea Found?

Chaetomorpha aerea is found all over the world in both temperate and tropical seas.

In New Zealand, it’s found in the North and South Islands, as well as the Chatham Islands and Stewart Island.

In South Africa, it’s found along the coast from False Bay to northern Kwazulu-Natal.

In Australia, it’s found from North Beach, Perth, and around the southern coast of the country to Queensland.

What Kind of Environment Does Chaetomorpha aerea Lives In?

Chaetomorpha aerea is usually found in the mid-high eulittoral or supralittoral zones of the ocean.

These are areas where the water is not too deep, and the algae are exposed to sunlight for photosynthesis.

Chaetomorpha aerea is often found in rock pools or areas where sand accumulates around rocks. It’s also found growing on the seagrass Posidonia in some cases.

How Does Chaetomorpha aerea Reproduce?

Chaetomorpha aerea reproduces by forming reproductive cells at the ends of its filaments.

These cells are also barrel-shaped and about the same size as the other cells in the filament.

In Australia, the algae produce biflagellate and quadriflagellate zooids, which are small swimming cells with two or four whip-like structures called flagella.

In Europe, Chaetomorpha aerea reproduces using only biflagellate zoospores, which are similar to zooids but have only two flagella.

What Is the Significance of Chaetomorpha aerea?

As a type of green algae, Chaetomorpha aerea plays an important role in the ecosystem. It provides food for various marine animals and helps to maintain the balance of nutrients in the water.

Its presence in rock pools and other shallow water environments also helps to stabilize these habitats by providing structure and protection for other organisms.

Research on Chaetomorpha aerea and other related species will also help scientists learn more about the diversity and classification of algae and contribute to our understanding of marine ecosystems.

You can check out what this plant looks like over here.

Chaetomorpha aerea Characteristics

Care Level:Easy
Growth Rate:Fast
Nutrient Uptake:Excellent
Required Lighting:Moderate
Required Water Flow:Moderate
Is Palatable?Yes
Maximum Size:6 in (15.2 cm) mound

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Chaetomorpha aerea
Also Known As:Tall Hair Alga
Conservation Status:Unknown

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