Eibli Angelfish [Interesting Facts that You Should Know]

Eibli Angelfish

Eibli Angelfish, scientifically named Centropyge eibli, is also known as the Blacktail Angelfish, Red Stripe Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, or Eibl Dwarf Angel.

This marine fish has ray-like fins and belongs to the Pomacanthidae family of angelfish.

It can be found near reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. Eibli angelfish lives in rocky areas of seaward reefs as well as rich coral areas.

It feeds on algae and often forms harems consisting of 3 to 7 fish. This fish is frequently exported for the aquarium trade.

In some areas, it forms hybrids with Centropyge vrolikii.

Also, hybrids with Centropyge flavissima have been recorded in the Christmas Island and Cocos-Keeling Islands in the eastern Indian Ocean.

Juveniles of the Acanthurus tristis fish mimic the Eibli Angelfish.

When it comes to keeping this fish in a reef tank, take caution since it may pose a risk to the coral reefs in an aquarium environment.

Eibli Angelfish Interesting Facts

  • Eibli angelfish also goes by the names blacktail, red stripe or orangeline angelfish.
  • They are found in the Indo-Pacific and inhabit rocky areas of seaward reefs as well as rich coral areas.
  • Their diet mainly consists of algae, and they form harems of 3 to 7 individuals.
  • They are frequently exported through the aquarium trade, but caution is advised when keeping them with other aquatic species in a reef tank.

Eibli Angelfish Habitat

Eibli angelfish is found in the eastern Indian Ocean region.

Its habitat ranges from Sri Lanka to Western Australia, including Indonesia and the Andaman Islands.

This marine fish lives in reef environments and doesn’t migrate.

It can be found at depths between 3 and 30 meters (about 10 to 98 feet) and thrives in tropical climates.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Eibli Angelfish Physical Characteristics

Size: 5.9 inches (15.0 centimeters)

Eibli angelfish can grow up to 15 cm (about 5.9 inches) in length.

It has 14 dorsal spines, 14 to 16 dorsal soft rays, 3 anal spines, and 15 to 17 anal soft rays.

This fish is white in color with narrow wavy golden-brown vertical stripes on its sides.

The chest, the base of the pectoral fin, and the outline of the operculum (gill cover) are orange or golden brown.

The caudal (tail) fin and the adjacent posterior portion of the dorsal fin are black with a narrow submarginal whitish-blue band.

The body depth of Eibli angelfish is 1.7 to 1.8 times smaller than its length, and it has 48 scales in longitudinal series.

Eibli Angelfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Centropyge eibli
Also Known As:Eibli Angelfish, Blacktail Angelfish, Red Stripe Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, Eibl Dwarf Angel
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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