Blue Leg Poso Shrimp (Caridina caerulea): Interesting Facts

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp, scientifically known as Caridina caerulea, is a freshwater shrimp from Sulawesi, a region in Indonesia.

It lives in Lake Poso and is one of 11 species in the Caridina genus found there.

This shrimp is found on various surfaces like wood, rocks, sand, and plants, and it usually lives in shallow water.

What Does the Blue Leg Poso Shrimp Look Like?

Although not as colorful as some other types of Sulawesi shrimp, the Blue Leg Poso Shrimp is still very beautiful.

It has a long, blue rostrum (a part of its head), a clear to blueish body, and bright orange antennae.

The name “blue leg poso” is actually used for two similar species: Caridina caerulea, which has two blue spots on its tail, and Caridina ensifera, which has orange tail spots and a more orange body.

How Do You Care for Blue Leg Poso Shrimp?

Tank Requirements

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp are not the easiest shrimp to care for, but they are more forgiving than most other Sulawesi species.

If you’re new to keeping shrimp, it’s a good idea to start with a less demanding variety like Cherry Shrimp.

For Blue Leg Poso Shrimp, use a 10-gallon or larger aquarium to help maintain a stable environment.

You’ll need a filter with a guard to protect baby shrimp, and a heater since these shrimp prefer warm water.

Decorations and Hiding Spots

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp can be shy, so they like a somewhat dark setup with a few hiding spots.

Live plants and surfaces where algae and biofilm can grow are also important for their well-being.

Water Quality

Water quality is crucial for Sulawesi shrimp, as they don’t tolerate fluctuating water values or certain chemicals like ammonia, nitrite, or copper.

Make sure your tank is fully cycled and has had time to mature before adding any shrimp.

The water should be alkaline (pH above 7) and have medium hardness.

The ideal water parameters for Blue Leg Poso Shrimp are:

  • pH: 7.5 to 8.5
  • Temperature: 77°F to 84°F

What Tankmates Can Blue Leg Poso Shrimp Have?

It’s best to keep Blue Leg Poso Shrimp in an invert-only tank, meaning no fish. Fish can eat baby shrimp and cause stress.

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp can live with other Sulawesi shrimp and snails like rabbit snails.

If you don’t mind mixing species from different regions, you can also try Black Devil Snails or the hardy Neocaridina shrimp.

Just remember to keep the temperature on the lower side for the Blue Leg Poso Shrimp if you do this.

What Do Blue Leg Poso Shrimp Eat?

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp rely more on micro-organisms and biofilm for food than other dwarf shrimp.

They may not be as interested in regular shrimp foods. To keep them healthy, feed them very fine foods and let algae grow on surfaces like rocks.

You can also use products that encourage biofilm growth in your tank.

How Do You Breed Blue Leg Poso Shrimp?

Breeding Blue Leg Poso Shrimp is easier than you might expect for a Sulawesi shrimp.

As long as their needs are met, they should breed without much trouble.

Their babies don’t go through a larval stage, so no extra care is needed as long as there’s plenty of biofilm and algae for them to eat.

Just keep your shrimp happy and healthy, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Where Can You Buy Blue Leg Poso Shrimp?

Even though breeding these shrimp is relatively easy, they’re not very common in the aquarium hobby.

You might not find them in your local aquarium store, but you can ask the staff to order some for you.

Your best chance of finding Blue Leg Poso Shrimp is probably through online sellers.

Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Caridina caerulea
Also Known As:Blue Leg Poso Shrimp
Conservation Status:Vulnerable

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