Crowned Toby [A Few Interesting Facts]

Crowned Toby

Crowned Toby, scientifically known as Canthigaster coronata, is a type of pufferfish found only in Hawaii.

Sometimes, people buy them for their aquariums. These fish usually live in water deeper than 23 meters but can be spotted at depths as shallow as 6 meters.

They swim close to the ocean floor and prefer sandy areas, rubble-filled bottoms, or algae-covered flats near coral reefs.

Their diet consists of various underwater creatures like snails, sponges, algae, clams, worms, sea squirts, crabs, sea urchins, and other small animals.

However, crowned toby is not reef-safe.

Crowned Toby Interesting Facts

  • Crowned toby is unique to the Hawaiian Islands, with two related species found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  • This fish inhabits depths of 6 to 165 meters, primarily near sandy areas or algae-covered coral reefs.
  • The diverse diet of crowned toby includes snails, sponges, clams, and other small marine creatures.
  • These fish can grow up to 4.3 inches (11.0 centimeters) long and have a distinct appearance, featuring three dark brown saddles on their backs.

Crowned Toby Habitat

Crowned Toby used to be found from Hawaii and Tonga to the east coast of Africa and the Red Sea. Now, it’s split into three species:

  1. C. coronata is only found in the Hawaiian Islands,
  2. C. axiologus is found in the Pacific, west of the Hawaiian Islands, and
  3. C. cyanospilota is found in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea (specifically the Gulf of Aqaba).

This fish lives in reefs at depths of 6 to 165 meters (20 to 541 feet) and is found in tropical waters between 30°N to 30°S latitude lines.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Crowned Toby Physical Characteristics

Size: 4.3 inches (11.0 centimeters)

Crowned toby grows up to 4.3 inches (11.0 centimeters) long. It has no dorsal spines and usually has 10 soft rays on its dorsal fin and 10 on its anal fin.

This fish also has 17 pectoral rays and 7 to 9 gill rakers. It’s known for having a unique appearance with three dark brown, triangular saddles on its back, which become more slanted towards the tail.

The first saddle reaches the edge of the gill opening, the second surrounds the base of the dorsal fin, and the last ends at the upper base of the tail fin.

Crowned toby also has a dark brown band across its head and a similar spot below its pectoral fin.

Its body is covered in small pale spots that are more visible along darker areas. Around its eye are yellow markings without any blue spots.

This fish displays many yellow spots on its body. Its fins are pale with broad brown bands along the top and bottom edges of its tail fin.

Crowned Toby Reproduction

Crowned toby fish is oviparous, meaning it lays eggs to reproduce.

Crowned Toby Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Canthigaster coronata
Also Known As:Crowned Toby
Conservation Status:Unknown

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