Brown-Point Shield Skin Longirostris: Interesting Facts

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Brown-point shield skin longirostris, also known as Aspidoras fuscoguttatus, is a type of freshwater fish that lives in the tropical regions of South America.

It belongs to the Corydoradinae subfamily of the Callichthyidae family.

You can find these fish in the upper Paraná River basin in Brazil and Peru.

They are active during the daytime and sleep at night, just like humans.

You can check out what this fish looks like over here.

Brown-point Shield Skin Longirostris Interesting Facts

  • Brown-point shield skin longirostris is a freshwater fish found in South America’s upper Paraná River basin.
  • It belongs to the family Callichthyidae and the subfamily Corydoradinae.
  • This fish is diurnal, meaning it’s active during the day and rests at night.

Brown-point Shield Skin Longirostris Habitat

The brown-point shield skin longirostris is a type of fish that lives in freshwater.

It comes from the upper Paraná River basin in South America.

These fish like to swim near the bottom, mid-water, and top layers of water.

They prefer water temperatures around 72°F to 77°F (22°C to 25°C) and pH levels between 5.5 to 6.8.

This means the water is slightly acidic to neutral but not too alkaline.

Not much information is available about their preferred water hardness range, but it could be up to 12 dH or so.

These fish like tropical environments, so you need to maintain proper water temperature in your aquarium if you decide to keep them.

Water Temperature:72°F to 77°F (22°C to 25°C)
Water pH:5.5 to 6.8 pH
Water Hardness:Unclear, but could be up to 12 dH or so.

Brown-point Shield Skin Longirostris Physical Characteristics

Size: 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters)

The maximum length that brown-point shield skin longirostris can grow to is 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches).

This is the standard length as measured for a male fish or whose gender isn’t determined yet.

Brown-point Shield Skin Longirostris Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Aspidoras fuscoguttatus
Also Known As:Brown-point Shield Skin Longirostris
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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