Panda Dwarf Cichlid (A Beginner’s Guide)

Panda Dwarf Cichlid

Panda Dwarf Cichlid, scientifically known as Apistogramma nijsseni, is a unique type of cichlid fish found in a small stream called Quebrada Carahuayte in southern Peru. This stream is part of the Ucayali River drainage and has blackwater habitats.

Female Panda Dwarf Cichlids have bright yellow and black colors when they care for their eggs. Interestingly, healthy females keep these colors even when not stressed.

Panda Dwarf Cichlid is popular among people who love dwarf cichlids as pets, but it’s not commonly seen in regular pet stores.

This fish is named after Dutch scientist Han Nijssen.

Panda Dwarf Cichlids live in black-water creeks with lots of plants.

Panda Dwarf Cichlid Interesting Facts

  • Panda Dwarf Cichlids are native to Quebrada Carahuayte in Peru and thrive in black-water habitats.
  • Females display bright yellow and black colors while caring for eggs, maintaining these colors even when not stressed.
  • Not commonly found in regular pet stores, they are popular among dwarf cichlid enthusiasts.
  • Both male and female Panda dwarf cichlids actively guard their larvae after the eggs hatch.

Panda Dwarf Cichlid Habitat

Panda Dwarf Cichlid is found in South America. It lives in the Amazon River basin, specifically in the Carahuayte River drainage that connects to the Ucayali River.

This fish prefers freshwater environments with a pH level between 5.0 to 5.6 and water hardness (dH) of up to 5.

The ideal temperature for this tropical species ranges from 73.4°F to 86°F (23°C to 30°C).

Water Temperature:73.4°F to 86°F (23°C to 30°C)
Water pH:5.0 to 5.6 pH
Water Hardness:Unknown

Panda Dwarf Cichlid Physical Characteristics

Size: 1.5 inches (3.9 centimeters)

Panda Dwarf Cichlid grows up to 1.5 inches (3.9 centimeters) long. Females are usually smaller than males.

Panda Dwarf Cichlid Reproduction

Female Panda Dwarf Cichlid guards the eggs in their nest. Both male and female fish protect the baby fish.

Panda Dwarf Cichlid Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Apistogramma nijsseni
Also Known As:Panda Dwarf Cichlid
Conservation Status:Data Deficient

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