Red and Black Anemonefish: Fascinating Facts

Red and Black Anemonefish

Red and Black Anemonefish, also known as Cinnamon Clownfish, Fire Clownfish, Black-backed Anemonefish, or Dusky Anemonefish, is found mainly in the western and southern Pacific oceans.

This fish lives in lagoons and outer reefs and eat mostly small water animals called copepods and algae.

Its scientific name, “melanopus,” comes from Greek words meaning “black feet” because of its black pelvic fins.

Red and Black Anemonefish fish has a special relationship with sea anemones where both benefit from each other.

This fish is usually found with certain types of sea anemones. Also, it’s not harmed by the anemone’s stinging tentacles.

Red and Black Anemonefish can be raised in captivity and can live up to 5 years with proper care. This fish is safe for coral reefs.

Red and Black Anemonefish Interesting Facts

  • Red and Black Anemonefish have a unique relationship with sea anemones, benefiting each other without harm.
  • They can change gender based on size hierarchy when needed.
  • Found in Pacific Ocean habitats like coral reefs and lagoons, they don’t migrate.
  • Males protect and oxygenate eggs laid on the ocean floor during breeding.

Red and Black Anemonefish Habitat

Red and Black Anemonefish, also known by its scientific name Amphiprion melanopus, is a marine fish found in the Pacific Ocean.

Its habitat stretches from eastern Indonesia (including places like Bali and Sulawesi) to southeastern Philippines, Papua New Guinea, eastern Queensland, the Coral Sea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia Palau, and Micronesian islands.

This fish lives in marine environments near coral reefs and doesn’t migrate.

Red and Black Anemonefish is found at depths of 1 to 18 meters (3 to 59 feet) below the surface in tropical waters.

The typical temperature range for this species is between 10°N to 30°S latitude.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Red and Black Anemonefish Physical Characteristics

Size: 4.7 inches (12.0 centimeters)

Red and Black Anemonefish grows up to 4.7 inches (12.0 centimeters) long. This fish matures once it reaches around 5 to 6 cm in length.

Some of the prominent features of Red and Black Anemonefish include 10 dorsal spines, 16 to 18 dorsal soft rays, 2 Anal spines, and 13 to 14 anal soft rays.

Young fish are red with one or two white bars on their mid-body and tail base. Adults are orange with a blueish-white stripe behind the eye, outlined in black.

Their body can also be black, along with pelvic and anal fins. The head, pectoral, dorsal, and caudal fins are red.

Red and Black Anemonefish can be identified by their black ventral fins compared to similar species.

Their body depth measures about 1.7 to 1.9 times the standard length (SL).

Red and Black Anemonefish Reproduction

Red and Black Anemonefish can change gender when needed, following a size-based hierarchy system.

It’s a benthic spawner, meaning it lays eggs on the ocean floor. During breeding, this fish forms distinct pairs.

The eggs are demersal, which means they stick to the surface of the substrate. Male fish protect and provide oxygen to the eggs.

Red and Black Anemonefish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Amphiprion melanopus
Also Known As:Red and Black Anemonefish, Cinnamon Clownfish, Fire Clownfish, Black-backed Anemonefish, Dusky Anemonefish
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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