Tomato Clownfish – Some Interesting Facts

Tomato Clownfish

Tomato Clownfish is a type of marine fish that belongs to the Pomacentridae family, which includes clownfishes and damselfishes.

It’s found in the Western Pacific Ocean, ranging from Japan to Indonesia.

This fish has several other names, such as Blackback Anemonefish, Bridled Anemonefish, Fire clown, and Red Tomato Clown.

Tomato Clownfish have a special relationship with the Entacmaea quadricolor anemone.

This fish has been successfully bred in captivity before and is safe for reef environments.

Tomato Clownfish Interesting Facts

  • Tomato Clownfish can change gender from male to female when they reach 6.6 cm in length.
  • They form monogamous pairs and lay eggs that stick to underwater surfaces.
  • These fish have a special relationship with the Entacmaea quadricolor anemone.
  • Tomato Clownfish are found in the Western Pacific Ocean; in tropical reef environments between 1 to 12 meters deep.

Tomato Clownfish Habitat

Tomato Clownfish is found in the Western Pacific.

Its habitat ranges from the Gulf of Thailand to southwestern Palau, and it’s found as far north as southern Japan and as far south as Java, Indonesia.

This fish lives in marine reef environments in lagoon reefs and bays and does not migrate. It usually stays at a depth of 1 to 12 meters.

Tomato Clownfish thrives in tropical conditions, specifically between 30°N to 20°S latitude and 91°E to 143°E longitude.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Tomato Clownfish Physical Characteristics

Size: 5.5 inches (14.0 centimeters)

Tomato Clownfish is a medium-sized fish that grows up to 5.5 inches (14.0 centimeters) long. It has 9 to 10 spines on its back and 16 to 18 soft rays.

On the bottom part, it has 2 anal spines and 13 to 15 soft rays. This fish is orange in color with a black-edged stripe behind its head.

Older fish sometimes have black body. Some may also have another black-edged white stripe at their mid-body.

The body depth of Tomato clownfish ranges from 1.7 to 2 times its length (SL).

Tomato Clownfish Reproduction

Tomato Clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodite, meaning they change their gender from male to female.

These fish change their gender when they reach a length of 6.6 cm. They lay eggs that stick to surfaces underwater and form distinct pairs during breeding.

Male Tomato Clownfish protect and provide oxygen to the eggs by fanning them with their fins.

Tomato Clownfish practice monogamous mating, meaning they have only one partner at a time.

This behavior is seen as both necessary for survival and as a social activity in their natural habitat.

Tomato Clownfish Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Amphiprion frenatus
Also Known As:Tomato Clownfish, Blackback Anemonefish, Bridled Anemonefish, Fire clown, Red Tomato Clown
Conservation Status:Least Concern

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