Sleeper Banded Goby (Whitebarred Goby) – Complete Guide

Sleeper Banded Goby

The Sleeper Banded Goby (scientific name: Amblygobius phalaena) is also known as Whitebarred Goby.

It’s a type of fish found in the western Pacific Ocean and central Indo-Pacific area. It lives in tropical reefs.

These fish eat by taking in sand, filtering out algae, small animals, and other organic materials. They can grow up to 5.9 inches long. Local fisheries sometimes catch them, and they’re also sold as aquarium pets.

Sleeper Banded Gobies are usually alone or with a partner. They live near reefs and lagoons with sandy or rocky areas covered in algae or close to seagrass beds.

To feed, they sift mouthfuls of sand through their gills to capture food like tiny animals and algae. They have one mate at a time and lay their eggs during specific moon phases.

The male Sleeper Banded Goby takes care of the eggs that are laid in burrows. These gobies are safe for coral reefs.

Sleeper Banded Goby Interesting Facts

  • Sleeper Banded Gobies feed by sifting sand through their gills to capture tiny animals and algae.
  • They mate with the same partner for multiple spawnings and follow the moon’s phases for reproduction.
  • Males guard the eggs in burrows, fanning them with water to provide oxygen.

Sleeper Banded Goby Habitat

Sleeper Banded Goby is found in the Pacific Ocean, from the Philippines to the Society Islands, north to the Ryukyu Islands, and south to southern Australia (including Lord Howe Island) and Rapa Island.

It lives throughout Micronesia too. However, in the Red Sea, it’s replaced by Amblygobius albimaculatus, while in the western Indian Ocean, you can find Amblygobius semicinctus.

The Sleeper Banded Goby is a marine fish that lives near reefs. It’s found at depths of around 2 to 20 meters (possibly up to 52 meters).

This tropical species prefers temperatures between 72°F to 86°F (22°C to 30°C) and are usually found between 30°N to 32°S latitudes.

Water Temperature:72°F to 86°F (22°C to 30°C)
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Sleeper Banded Goby Physical Characteristics

Size: 5.9 inches (15.0 centimeters)

The Sleeper Banded Goby (scientific name: Amblygobius phalaena) is a fish that can grow up to 15 cm long.

It has 7 dorsal spines, 13 to 15 soft dorsal rays, 1 anal spine, and 14 soft anal rays. Its body is greenish-brown with five dark bars and white streaks on its head.

This fish also has small white spots in horizontal rows on its body. Additionally, it has a black spot on the first dorsal fin and another on the upper part of its tail fin base.

The third and fourth dorsal spines are prolonged into short filaments, while the first dorsal spine is longer than the second. This fish’s tail fin is rounded.

The Sleeper Banded Goby has scales that are arranged in 50 to 55 longitudinal rows. These scales are ctenoid (toothed) but become smooth (cycloid) on certain parts of its body like the nape, abdomen, and breast area.

Scales also extend from the top of its head to between the eyes but are not present on its cheeks.

The depth of this fish’s body ranges from 3.4 to 4.6 times its standard length (SL).

Sleeper Banded Goby Reproduction

Sleeper Banded Goby usually mates with the same partner, but some pairs do change partners. Most pairs stay together for multiple spawnings, according to a study. The spawning cycle follows the moon’s phases.

Male Sleeper Banded Gobies build burrows for the eggs and guard them. They fan the eggs with water to provide oxygen about 41% of the time instead of feeding themselves.

This egg guarding lasts 3 to 4 days until the eggs hatch during full or new moon phases.

In one study, when male parents were removed from the burrow, females took over guarding duties.

Researchers think this may be because both parents are close by and don’t need special structures to protect their offspring.

Sleeper Banded Goby Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Amblygobius phalaena
Also Known As:Sleeper Banded Goby, Whitebarred Goby
Conservation Status:Unknown

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