Steinitz’ Prawn Goby (A Few Fascinating Facts)

Steinitz' Prawn Goby

The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby is a small fish in the Gobiidae family. You can find this fish from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and even the western Pacific Ocean.

This fish likes to live in sandy areas near lagoons and reefs, as well as estuaries.

Long-finned Gobies are usually found at depths of around 66 feet on deeper slopes. The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby is safe for coral reefs.

Steinitz’ Prawn Goby Interesting Facts

  • The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby forms a unique partnership with alpheid shrimp, sharing burrows in sandy areas near lagoons, reefs, and estuaries.
  • This fish thrives in tropical environments, inhabiting marine and brackish waters throughout the Indo-Pacific region at depths between 6 to 141 feet.
  • With a maximum length of 13 cm, the Steinitz’ Prawn Goby has distinctive markings, including a yellow-white body with five brown bars and tiny yellow spots on its dorsal fins.

Steinitz’ Prawn Goby Habitat

The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby lives in the Indo-Pacific region, from the Red Sea to Samoa and as far north as the Yaeyama Islands.

It can also be found south of the Great Barrier Reef and throughout Micronesia. This fish inhabits marine and brackish waters near reefs at depths of about 6 to 141 feet (2 to 43 meters).

The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby thrives in tropical environments located between 30°N to 24°S latitude and 32°E to 143°W longitude.

Water Temperature:Unknown
Water pH:Unknown
Water Hardness:Unknown

Steinitz’ Prawn Goby Physical Characteristics

Size: 5.1 inches (13.0 centimeters)

The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby is a fish with a maximum length of 13 cm. It has 7 dorsal spines, 12 soft dorsal rays, 1 anal spine, and 12 soft anal rays.

This species differs from the Wheeler’s shrimp goby (A. wheeleri) by having dull brown bars and more lateral scale rows.

The Steinitz’ Prawn Goby has a yellow-white body with five brown bars on its head and body. There are usually narrow orange bars on the lower half of its side between each brown bar.

Its dorsal fins have tiny yellow spots, and its pelvic fins are connected at the base by membranes.

The fish’s head and midline of the nape don’t have scales, while there are about 72 to 78 longitudinal scale rows.

The body depth is between 4.3 to 5.5 times in standard length (SL), and it has a rounded caudal fin that is slightly longer than its head.

Steinitz’ Prawn Goby Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Amblyeleotris steinitzi
Also Known As:Steinitz’ Prawn Goby
Conservation Status:Unknown

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